Sony Corporation develops Spatial Content Creation System

Sony Corporation has released an all-inclusive content creation mechanism, which is complemented by an XR-head-mounted display system. In addition to a set of controllers optimized for intuitive interaction with 3D objects, it is equipped with an advanced 4K OLED Microdisplay and video transparency function. The mechanism is designed to assist developers in creating sophisticated 3D content.

Sony aspires to establish partnerships with experts in the development of diverse 3D production software and the entertainment and industrial design sectors. To commence, Sony is collaborating with Siemens to implement a novel approach to comprehensive product design and innovation using software derived from the open digital business platform Siemens Xcelerator.

In the latter portion of 2024, the mechanism will be operational. It enables high-definition, real-world rendering of 3D object fabrics and even human facial features. The mechanism is equipped with a ring controller that enables users to manipulate objects in the virtual arena intuitively and a pointing controller that enables precise pointing, allowing developers to engage in virtual arena creation using keyboards and controllers while maintaining the head-mounted display in place.

In addition to being exposed to transparency, builders will be able to develop and enhance 3D prototypes. It supports remote and real-world understanding amongst locales using intermediary 3D building applications.

Qualcomm Technologies has developed the Snapdragon XR2+ Gen 2 platform, which powers the device. The processor leverages the capabilities of the 4K OLED Microdisplays to establish captivating imaging benchmarks.

Sony is recognized for its technological advancements that support high-quality content creation and work output, thereby paving the way for the widespread adoption of 3D CG across various creative domains. The Mocopi mobile motion capture system makes tracking of entire body movements possible.

In terms of structural content production and study techniques, structured reality displays provide very real-like and 3D content without the use of specially constructed glasses or VR headsets. This will aid in connecting the virtual and real worlds and increasing exposure.

According to Cedrik Neike, a member of Siemens AG’s Managing Board and CEO of Siemens Digital Industries, Siemens is collaborating with Sony to enable all-inclusive engineering, which is a critical building element for the industrial metaverse. In addition, Sony has partnered with Qualcomm Technologies to implement their latest Snapdragon XR2+ Gen 2 platform.


Its primary features include its high-level XR exposure for creative applications. Some controllers provide instinctive structural content construction exposure. It was designed to provide a user with a relaxing and all-encompassing creative experience using 3D-producing tools.

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