Sony Network to host Web3 Incubation Program

Sony Network Communications, together with Astar, as well as Startale Labs, will be jointly hosting their Web3 Incubation Program, whose prime focus will happen to be the development of Web3 projects. This is slated for the middle of march and is to continue till the middle of June 2023. Incidentally, the entity Startale Labs was set up by Sony Network Communications and happened to be engaged in the development of dApps, along with the framework. It is also into business consulting and uses its expertise in multi-chain protocol development. The CEO of the company, Sota Watanabe, will be actively involved in the roping in of companies to take part in the incubation. 

The Sony Group happens to be an organization that is involved in the development of an entire gamut of businesses, which also happens to include game and network services and music and movies. There is also the aspect of entertainment technology and services, imaging and sensing solutions, as well as finance. The organization responsible for operations of the Sony Group is Sony Network communications which are in the development of the telecommunication arm, IoT business, AI business, along with solution service business. It also happens to be in the line of promoting news businesses that make use of assets with the Sony group. 

Where the entity Startale Labs is concerned, it will be responsible for the conducting of the incubation program, along with Sony Network communications. It will also happen to be actively engaged in the offering of business ideas and strategies, along with the provision of technical support. This will be in terms of the companies that will be duly taking part in the incubation program. In order to be able to suitably achieve all of this, it will be utilizing Astar’s development, as well as previous consulting and R&D expertise. 

The recruiting for the program will be carried out from all parts of the world. As per the well laid out plans, there are going to be approximately anywhere between 15-20 projects that will be chosen in terms of the incubation program. As a part of the proceedings related to the program, relevant and informative sessions will be conducted by the seasoned global VCs and also the Web3 companies. There will be the occasional mentoring on ways and means of business running and technology. Through the program, participants will be able to interact with the prime Web3 companies. They will also be able to avail of technical as well as financial backing. 

Where Startale Labs is concerned, it happens to be a Web3 tech company that is engaged in developing multi-chain applications and frameworks. On the other hand, Astar happens to be a dApps platform which is soon to become a hub for smart contracts and a Japanese public blockchain.

David Cox

David is a finance graduate and crypto enthusiast. He projects his expertise in subjects like crypto and Blockchain while writing for CryptoNewsZ. Being from Finance background, he efficiently writes Price Analysis. Apart from writing, he actively nurtures hobbies like sports and movies.

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