SophiaVerse announces collaboration with Hanson Robotics

SophiaVerse has announced that it is collaborating with Hanson Robotics with the objective of facilitating innovation in AI and Web3 Gaming. The ultimate aim is to bring revolution in these areas.

AI and Web3 Gaming are the domains that have not yet evolved to their full extent. Meaning there is a lot of scope to explore for any player that decides to venture into the said sphere. The domains are being upgraded almost every day, and SophiaVerse is now a part of it, along with Hanson Robotics. Both will now push the boundaries with their innovation, looking for ways to set a benchmark for others to catch up.

The ecosystem of SophiaVerse is already backed by blockchain and AI data processing plus data processing solutions. Hanson Robotics will multiply the results here. The announcement was made by SophiaVerse, highlighting that the collaboration with Hanson Robotics is the very pulse that will drive its ecosystem.

SophiaVerse will be able to function seamlessly without any barriers to deliver results that are efficient for higher scalability.

SophiaVerse takes players to 2040, a time when the world has embraced non-fungible tokens, Metaverse, and robotic alliances. Needless to say, this is pure fiction; however, it does make me wonder about the possibilities. For instance, players can think about how it would feel to have AI and NFTs going above their limits to be integrated with human lives.

Hanson Robotics is a company that works in robotics and AI. The team behind the venture is tasked with creating machines that are intelligent in the most social manner. One can assume that the meaning here is to come up with machines that know how to behave like humans. Hanson Robotics brings robots to lives only to enrich the quality of the lifestyle.

Hanson Robotics is the very same company that has been successful in creating Sophia The Robot. As a matter of fact, Sophia even has an X, formerly Twitter, account. Sophia recently attended a conference titled Women in Data Conference. It was held in London in early March 2023. She later appeared on the Internet to wish women across the globe a happy Women’s Day.

Interestingly, Hanson Robotics revealed that Sophia can get nervous when she is behind the stage. The post shows the robot making different facial expressions to calm her nerves. It is no secret that the intent of Hanson Robotics was to demonstrate the number of expressions Sophia delivers at the current stage of the test.

David Hanson, the Chief Executive Officer & Founder of Hanson Robotics, has appeared on the list of leaders in the world of AI. This was in recognition of his efforts in driving the development of robotic technology. Others on the list were Sam Altman from OpenAI, Anna Patterson from Gradient Ventures, and Demis Hassabis from DeepMind Technologies, among many others.

SophiaVerse and Hanson Robotics coming together for AI and Web3 Gaming could be the start of the revolution in the industry. Their objective is clear; however, the results will be revealed in the times to come.

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