SophiaVerse collaborates with Cornucopias

SophiaVerse, essentially a Web3 metaverse, is the result of a partnership between Hanson Robotics and SingularityNet Foundation, and it has formed an exclusive partnership with Cornucopias. This is consistent with its ongoing efforts to advance its interoperable plans. Cornucopias is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that features a human-focused economy and the signature adrenaline thrill of the Bubbleverse.

If one were to describe Cornucopias, they would say it is an infinite space in which a participant can traverse a continually expanding virtual network. In the near future, users will be able to interact with the game on every level: 2D, 3D, VR, AR, mobile devices, desktops, smart televisions, and home consoles. In terms of Cornucopia’s metaverse, each player has an integral role to perform and is responsible for developing the in-game ecosystem, economy, and connected community as a whole.

According to the founder and creative director of Sophiaverse, David Hanson, they focus on the interoperability factor and the decentralization option. In his opinion, their own views and vision are shared by the team of Cornucopias, making it possible to create a base for furthering their idea of gaming economies as well as interactive avatars.

Cornucopias has been duly created on the basis of the Unreal five game engine, which has a high level of adaptability. It is boosted and controlled by ever-increasing communities. In the case of the universe, it comes with separate segments of the blockchain as well as unreal game developers and 3D experts. There are also artificial intelligence creators and overall gaming fans. As per the founder and CO-CEO of Cornucopias, Josh Jones, the amalgamation of technologies such as AI, Web3, and the Unreal five games engine opens the doors for innovation in more ways than one.

Where Cornucopias is concerned, the Sophia AI NPC connects with gamers. With the help of the platform, gamers come in for the attainment of rewards in the form of their own land, or in some cases, thieves’ own properties, along with a whole gamut of NFT-oriented assets having real-time value. It brings together gaming and real-time commerce, wherein e-commerce bodies are able to sell, as well as further real-time brands along with products and services. 

It comprises floating bubbles, zones, and domes that hold virtual land that has been obtained through NFTs. In the words of the founder and Co-CEO of Cornucopias, Rob Greig, they aim to bring together the blockchain community with conventional gamers so that it becomes possible for them to play and create as one. 

Where the Founder and Chief AI Scientist at SophiaVerse, Ben Goertzel, is concerned, his opinion is that the platform has an overall interoperable scenario that is conducive to their aim and intentions, which speaks of a situation wherein AIs, as well as AGIs and humans, dwell in the form of an ultra-advanced species. 

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