SophiaVerse hires Logan Ryan as its CEO to drive growth

SophiaVerse has announced the appointment of a Chief Executive Officer to drive its growth in the segment of Web3 decentralized AI. The person who will now chair the position is Logan Ryan Golema, also simply known as Logan. He has announced his arrival with a quote that says that he is here to install the future.

The development follows SophiaVerse’s successful hosting of the SOPH Token Generation Event in July this year. Hiring Logan further cements its commitment to blend Web3 and artificial intelligence.

Logan has said that he is fully aware of the challenge that comes with the position, adding that he will work to realize the dream where Sophia is finally sentient. Logan has expressed confidence in the team by stating that it will take their excellent work to achieve the goal. Logan has experience working as a Bitcoin miner, which he did in 2010 after deciding to end his profession in video game building.

It was purely his innovative mindset that made him a potential candidate for the position of CEO at SophiaVerse.

SophiaVerse is the result of the association between Hanson Robotics and SingularityNET, with the former being responsible for Sophia Robot in its entirety. Logan has experience creating high-performance teams for fintech companies that are spread across the globe. Meaning, his achievements go beyond a single region.

His most recent achievement was launching Lunargistics specifically to cater to the aerospace industry. It is a blockchain-based documentation management platform.

The first thing that he did after his appointment was take a course on how far the project has come. Logan addressed the developments during his interaction with the media, or the media statement, by saying that the developments are right on time and on track to deliver what was committed in the whitepaper.

David Hanson, the founder of SophiaVerse, has said that it takes a leader who can propel change to make more advancements in the development of AI and Web3. David then stated that Logan has all the necessary records for the position. This includes the potential for high-growth expansion, such as the launch of privacy-preserving crypto products for blockchains.

The team is working to bring market relevance to SophiaVerse. This is precisely where Logan’s experience and skills will come in handy.

In the future, SophiaVerse will seek to test the limits of AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) infrastructure throughout its entire ecosystem. Ben Goertzel, the Chief AI Scientist and Founder of SophiaVerse, has validated this. Ben has also affirmed that Logan will have access to his mental capacity while creating Sophia’s sentience path.

Another region that will see developments is bringing together AI and NPCs in the metaverse. The objective here is to empower AGI for humanity. Logan is confident that their work will ultimately coincide with the benefits of AGI.

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