South African Govt. Enforces Fresh Taxes on Online Forex Brokers: National Treasury Updates

The government has decided to levy a fresh tax on online forex brokers. The aim is to align the initiative of increasing revenue for the public good. New forex tax rules outline that platforms providing forex services to their customers will have to shed a few more dollars on their gross revenue. This includes commission and profit, among other elements on their books.

It is specifically for online forex brokers. Customers and the industry are in splits, expecting changes to happen soon. It could either be a price increase or an expansion of offering to justify the rise in the price.

Details of Tax Measures Imposed

The Government has imposed an additional tax on online forex brokers under the new forex tax rules. This signals that platforms will have to incur an additional expense with a possibility that customers ultimately bear the rise in terms of pricing. While the precise impact cannot be determined too early, it is safe to assume that the development will have additional compliance obligations for brokers.

  • An increased tax rate means more expenses and less profit margin. A way to solve this is by passing it on to the customers, which is pretty standard in every industry, irrespective of the region. Another way is to update the platform and call the increase a periodic assessment of service pricing.
  • New reporting requirements seek online forex brokers to file necessary disclosures. The move is aimed at tracking their products and services to protect customers better.

Additional financial obligations could only be making adjustments to the way they operate for a brighter bottom line. Needless to say, offloading the entire burden, or even the majority of it for that matter, to customers will hamper the industry.

Insight into the Government’s Mind

It is a clear-cut instruction to revise rules to an extent they are stringent enough to align the interest. The government’s intention could be either of the two:

  • Increase its revenue from the industry, which is seeing a constant rise in interest. This will then be used for the public good – building infrastructure, supporting the development of the economy, or boosting education facilities.
  • Another intention could be to spark a sense of responsibility in the minds of forex investors while dealing with online foreign exchange platforms. This encourages them to look to more sensible alternatives that keep their investments intact and within the economy.

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Impact on the Forex Industry

An imposed forex tax brings a lot of limelight to the industry. Talks are that there would be a hit on the bottom line and revenue generation for brokers.

  • Profitability could be minimized, but there will be an additional expense to incur. The lower the profit, the lower the pace of growth will be. One way to accelerate is the introduction of educational sessions for forex investors at a reasonable cost.
  • Compliance efforts must be pushed to a higher level, for the authorities will have more reasons to scrutinize online forex platforms. Also, additional tax may give a clearer picture of how much revenue is being generated by the industry.
  • The only change in operations would be an expansion of services or products. Online platforms dealing with limited trading pairs may expand the list. Service expansion could be in terms of entering more regions.

Nevertheless, online forex brokers are likely to be the most preferred platforms for investors. Investors looking to explore the territory directly will happen after they have gained confidence. In other words, beginners will continue relying on online forex platforms before deciding to go solo to avoid broker-related expenses.



The Government has imposed an additional tax on online forex brokers intending to generate higher revenue and instill a sense of responsibility among the platforms. Investors are being encouraged to explore alternatives for cost-saving purposes. Platforms are now tasked with managing their revenues and profitability amid rising expenses.

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