South Korea to Donate $5 Million to WHO for Humanitarian Aid in North Korea

South Korean government will donate $5 million to the World Health Organisation (WHO) for the first time in 5 years. The donation will help provide humanitarian aid in North Korea, which will make medical treatment more accessible for women and children. The announcement was made by the unification ministry, which released an official statement on Friday. As per the statement,

“WHO has expressed a desire to resume its medical support project for women and children, which was suspended in 2014, and has been in discussions with our government on relevant assistance plans. The government decided to make the donations based on the determination that the project would help contribute to lowering the mortality rates of infants and their mothers.”

The tensions between North and South Korea are on the up and all the inter-Korean trade has stalled, as the denuclearization talks between North Korea and the United States haven’t progressed sufficiently. The decision to donate was reviewed for a week by the committee comprising of government officials and civilian experts, which is in charge of analyzing and giving the signal for inter-Korean projects. The two countries have been at war like situation since 2014, and since then, South Korea had stopped donating for humanitarian aid in the region.

The relations between Pyongyang and Washington seemed to be improving under the Trump regime. However, the progress towards denuclearization hasn’t been as expected. In fact, the recent moves North Korea made, like the emergence of evidence about renewed activity on a previously dismantled testing site, has raised tensions again. However, all is not good at the South Korean front too, as there was a recent report showing that a North Korean defector was raped on multiple occasions by South Korean Intelligence Officials, and was also subjected to forced abortion twice.

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