Space and Time to introduce its network on zkSync hyperchain

Space and Time (SxT), a decentralized data warehouse utilizing AI to instruct its data models, will introduce its network on a zkSync hyperchain.

Blockchain networks are known to function in warehouses and have restricted interoperability with other chains. zkSync hyperchains address the issue by offering open-sourced infrastructure exclusively created for zk rollups and Layer 3 networks. This allows the building of interconnected ecosystems via decentralized patterns that provide for further effective transaction processing.

Over and above that, hyperchains integrate hyperbridges, which initiate smooth asset and data transfers throughout various blockchains. By solving the problem of interoperability, zkSync hyperchains gain the potential to narrow down transactions, lower fees, and encourage a better upgradable blockchain ecosystem.

SxT is utilized to collect and analyze blockchain data, and the next step is to return to smart contracts. The data platform will be a zero-knowledge proof (ZKP) verifiable compute layer (VCL). This will ascertain correct, authenticable, and tamper-proof information passed on to smart contracts and businesses.

According to a statement by the Head of Enterprise Business Development at Matter Labs, Vassilis Tziokas, SxT will deliver fresh concepts to zkSyns, which will involve a decentralized data warehouse and the Proof of SQL protocol. Tziokas thinks this will allow zero-knowledge authentication questions to ascertain that raw data and the answers will be tamper-proof.

As for the launch, certain fresh features will be added. This will be in the form of offering zkSync data obtained from zkSyncEra and hyperchains to build on the platform at no cost. Builders will only be responsible for computing utilized to implement questions without paying for data storage and indexing.

In the words of the Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at SxT, Scott Dykstra, they intended to utilize a zkEVM as their network’s exclusive settlement layer. zkSync was the correct choice made by them.

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