Space SIP Integrates with Despace for the First NFT Battleship Game

The foremost NFT-powered battleship war game is set to launch soon. Be ready with your space suits to join other players on board. Space SIP  plans on providing incredible NFT offers for the  ecosystem of DeSpace with this new integration between DeSpace and Space SIP. 

After this integration,  Space SIP can make use of and expose itself to the fast-growing and incredible DeSpace community and everything else on the ecosystem of the DeSpace. This will happen by integrating DeSpace’s NFT aggregator platform and Space SIP’s NFT Marketplace. This will help DeSpace become the go-to option for smart NFT investors all over the world. 

In addition, with this integration between DeSpace and Space SIP, the latter can use the NFT auction pad for auctioning its exclusive and rare NFTs. This partnership will help increase the hype of both platforms in the future. 

The DeSpace network is looking to collaborate on a NFT collection with the Space SIP. This collection would be limited edition. Players can unlock the powerful utility of the DeSpace ecosystem with these limited edition NFTs, which will allow them to stake them for many token awards. DeSpace would also host an entertaining AMA between Space SIP and DeSpace. The players are expected to join the teams as many questions will be answered in the AMA hosted. 

Space SIP is a platform that utilizes the NFT technology provide an extraordinary gaming experience to its users by building space-ready battleships and fighting against the extra-terrestrial foes in an entirely new dimensional universe. DeSpace is a space that combines the best of NFTs and DeFi navigation tools to date. DeChain, the layer-two blockchain solution allowing easy transactions across several bridges supports DeSpace.

Scott Cook

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