SparkWorld* Partners with IQ Protocol to Provide NFT Rentals

SparkWorld* recently announced its partnership with IQ Protocol for a groundbreaking project developing a mechanism for renting wrapped versions of NFTs as well as other digital products that are about to change people’s opinions about DeFi and respond to it!

Jolyon Layard Horsfall, Co-CEO of SparkWorld* and a Web3 expert, was ecstatic about the collaboration. It is easy to overlook more traditional aspects of DeFI that could be transformed by blockchain. IQ Protocol is going to bring renting to wrapped NFTs, and SparkWorld* is ecstatic about it — both initiatives can bring a number of advantages to each other, which is why everyone is elated about this close cooperation.

It will open up opportunities for the ecosystem, technology, and deal flow sharing, potentially propelling IQ Protocol all the way to interactive NFT worlds. IQ Protocol is excited to share its protocol’s renting functionalities with SparkWorld* and believes that mutual benefits can be realized quickly. SparkWorld* innovatively helps to solve the whitelisting and randomized minting problem for NFT drops via a brand spanking new, user-friendly launchpad that connects creators as well as communities.

The structure of the IQ Protocol allows for wrapped expirable versions of NFTs and other kinds of tokens, which has never been done before. SparkWorld* will assist in bringing these incredible mechanisms to a wider audience in DeFi. As ecosystem partners, both projects will collaborate on a variety of activities such as marketing, deal flow, and technological assimilation of the IQ Protocol’s mechanics. The goal of co-marketing will be to make as many meaningful relationships as feasible.

On the tech aspects of the collaboration, once SparkWorld* unveils its own NFT marketplace in Q3/Q4 of 2022, full implementation of the IQ protocol will be finished. With this in mind, full implementation will allow platform members to rent out their gaming NFTs to one another, creating entirely new revenue streams.

Furthermore, because IQ Protocol is nearly as young as SparkWorld, it is possible that the platform launch timelines will coincide, and the projects will be able to launch together!

IQ Protocol is a decentralized money market for renting digital assets and subscribing to on-chain services. The next money lego that enables people to rent wrapped expirable editions of digital assets without offering securities for their utility, while owners earn by providing liquidity without risk.

Roxanne Williams

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