Speculations, Mainstream Adoption and Dapps

Speculators have openly predicted on the effect of institutional investors on the estimation of the crypto assets in their portfolios.  Speculators most of the time seem to be stating polarised and contradicting predictions and hence confusing the investors. In spite of the fact that we saw bitcoin futures launch, and bursting venture capital movements, costs have gone down, not up.

But, it will be safer to claim that retail hypothesis on crypto assets has achieved some dimension of “mainstream adoption, and even media reports are supporting this.  The facts might vary depending upon which analyst you consult, but, the growth crypto market witnessed in late 2017 and mid-2018 was to a great extent because of the retail and enthusiastic investors.

In the prospering decentralized applications space, the discussion about “mainstream adoption” is centered around DAUs and UX enhancements. But ironically the usage members’ numbers are meager, and the user experience offers by these applications is most of the time not up to the mark.

The dapp space in the world crypto market recently has been witnessing an overflown faulty ICOs, scams and no-utility tokens (these token have lost about all their worth). There has been a great development growth, regardless of whether client numbers mirror this or not.

Then came Augur, a decentralized, blockchain based prediction oriented market platform; which was also the first ever ICO for a dapp based on Ethereum, following three years of development. However, it is yet not delightful to use.

Augur enjoyed an excellent measure of users, open interest and markets opened after it wen on board. This movement, however, dropped rapidly. Over $1 million was at stake on Augur, which was much higher compared to around $550,000 on PredictIt.

Prime Ethereum based dapps Golem, along with Augur went live on mainnet in last year. 0x and MakerDAO witnessed expanded reception and traffic. Even decentralized exchanges saw a tremendous increase in users and exchange volume.

Numerous transformative technologies have been built from various industries like energy, railways and of course the internet business. Excited investors have been putting their money into sketchy, “oversubscribed” business plans and products, and that too for many years.

Sometime after the crypto bubbles burst, organizations are born from the parent business structure, for example, Union Pacific from Standard Oil. Predictors have a habit of expecting too much, too early and bad actors know how to take advantage of this.

People blame technology when the market falls, crashes, and these fundamental technologies, later on, change the world in significant ways — regardless of whether it doesn’t make each anxious investor/predictor rich.

Roxanne Williams

Roxanne Williams has recently joined as a market reporter for CryptoNewsZ - the 24/7 crypto news site, where she produces recent stories, technical analysis and price updates on world's leading cryptocurrencies.

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