Spherity Joins Hands with BLOCKROCKET in a Bid to Accelerate Blockchain Development

European blockchain development labs BLOCKROCKET announced on Tuesday that decentralized identification management solutions company Spherity has become its official partner. The collaboration will allow both companies to accelerate blockchain project development. BLOCKROCKET made the announcement via a tweet on Tuesday, where it stated that Dortmund-based company has become its official partner.

BLOCKROCKET is an incubator lab that helps blockchain start-ups to accelerate their development, especially those who work towards providing creative blockchain solutions for other start-ups, corporates, and investors. On the other hand, Spherity provides blockchain-based identity management solutions to corporates and uses the tech to power industrial IoT. It works towards establishing secure identification systems for enterprises, machines, data, and algorithms.

In an official post, BLOCKROCKET said,

“So far various reputable organizations joined the BLOCKROCKET ecosystem, reaching from fast-growing startups (e.g. Bitbond, Agora Innovation, Aeternity) over corporate partners and service providers (e.g. e-shelter, Nägele Law) to investors (e.g. High-Tech Gründerfonds, German Startups Group, Global Blockchain Ventures, Blockwall).”

Commenting on the partnership, Spherity tweeted that it will run a six-month program, where it will work with BLOCKROCKET, along with a broad advisor network.

In an official blog post on Medium, Spherity stated that the program is based on three important phases, viz, problem/solution/market, validation and traction, and story & fundraising. It further added,

“The BLOCKROCKET Accelerator team will provide us with workshops, mentoring and the right network to build and scale our business. Over six months, we will work with mentors and a broad advisor network to hone our value proposition, further test our assumptions with customers, and prepare for the next phase of investment and growth.”

Trevor Holman

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