Splyt Announces Collaboration with Mag Park

On 24th April, Splyt informed the world of its next project in partnership with one of the most renowned retail brand names in the United Kingdom, Mag Park. Heralded as among the five top eminent hype brand names, Mag Park boasts of a state-of-the-art half-size basketball court that is pro-grade. Furthermore, it has a DJ kiosk that can very well function as a well-equipped nightclub, not to mention top-notch sound equipment and the UK’s most diverse collection of fine art creations. Another laurel was added to their hall of fame when their assortment of plimsoll trainers made it to the headlines of top sports news and infotainment sites like BuzzFeed, ESPN, and Tidal, along with a special mention in one of the episodes of the parody reality show Real Husbands of Hollywood.

Since its inception in 2015 at Capital Burbank, Magnolia Park has progressed and made significant contributions in the avenues of art and music, sports, and retail merchandise. A social media influencer tycoon, Mag Park has increased its fanbase among those who are enthusiastic about exclusive sneakers and special edition garments. Following their partnership with Splyt, they have launched a fresh project from their volley-one to help global clients get one step closer to realizing their dream of interacting with their brands of choice- the Splyt Reserve Program.

The new enterprise will enable millions of Mag Park followers and token owners in the SHOPX retail operating system to lock their SHOPX cryptocurrency tokens and invest them into a smart transaction protocol against Mag Park’s non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Once they execute the staking process, they will reap lucrative benefits from holding the token. They will receive an invitation to the exclusive reward programs for VIPs, followed by discounts on products of their choice, and receive a single and limited edition Mag Park commodity. Moreover, the liquidity mining award program rewards token holders based on the duration for which they stake their SHOPX tokens. Investors can magnify their token count after the staking period ends, gaining more if they invest for a longer time. Splyt advises token holders to stake as early as possible to reap maximum return on a minimum investment amount, for the number of tokens to be staked increases as time passes.

Splyt has always taken a value-based system approach to serve its customers without charging them unnecessarily. Through the Splyt Reserve Program, the e-commerce network wants to express gratitude towards their customers and help them explore new avenues of interacting with their coveted brands and reap profits from the said interaction.

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