Spores Network and Rebaked Join Hands to Develop NFT Marketplace

Spores Network announced a collaboration with reBaked to create the NFT marketplace. Thanks to the participation of the reBaked project development team, the platform’s basis and principles, according to Spores, will give users of the Spores Network with ideological backing and belief for trusting the marketplace and its alignment with their beliefs.

Spores chose reBaked to help the network increase its user base and deliver projects through hackathons, prizes, and decentralized incubation.

The characteristics of the reBaked project, such as its focus on users and their unique contributions for free and total transparency in the environment, make it ideal for attracting the user base and audience that the Spores Network seeks. 

The ReBaked System

The ReBaked project serves as an ideal launch that caters to people with diverse skill sets and abilities. The project’s development on reBaked is based on a transparent and fair basis that prioritizes project traction above direct monetization, with all investor returns contingent only on product success in real-world application and deployment. Blockchain networks provide a full collectivist economic paradigm in which users control and own projects, and wealth is divided among them.

Because of the importance of ReBaked, which drives a system of collaboration and governance, anybody may effectively cooperate and create a 3.0 infrastructure. 

ReBaked takes a fresh look at crowdsourcing and open innovation. Unlike conventional contests, the reBaked method allows partners to agree on a minimum reward for a specific goal in exchange for convertible tokens from future 3.0 web ventures.

About Spores

Spores Network’s developers believe that cryptocurrency will soon result in ownership decentralization and frictionless capital movement. Their ambition is to create a community-driven, seamless, and ever-expanding NFT ecosystem. Spores have developed a DeFi-powered cross-chain NFT marketplace that defines the culture of decentralization by distributing NFT content for gaming, online sports, online arts, and other forms of entertainment.

Roxanne Williams

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