Spot Ethereum ETFs done and dusted, Solana ETFs aim for the next spot

Following the approval of spot exchange-traded funds (ETFs) for Bitcoin and Spot Ethereum ETFs in the United States, a Canadian firm has revealed plans to launch the Solana ETFs in North America. Nevertheless, ETFSwap (ETFS) is best positioned to lead the ETFs trading and investment sector into the future. 

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ETFSwap (ETFS) offers the widest range of tokenized assets, so investors and traders have greater flexibility when choosing which commodities to invest in. From Spot Ethereum ETFs to various futures ETFs, fixed-income ETFs, etc., ETFSwap offers an extensive list of offerings to choose from, allowing traders to hedge against market volatility and capitalize on different market cycles.

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ETFSwap (ETFS) is particularly beloved among users of the platform for its easy-to-use interface. The clear visuals, intuitive navigation, and responsive design make it easy for traders of all levels to execute trades, monitor their portfolios, and access the features they need on the platform without hassle.

The platform has been gaining momentum ahead of its beta launch in less than a month. This initial release will allow investors and traders to get a glimpse at more of ETFSwap’s cutting-edge features and capabilities. Currently, ETFS, the native currency of the ETFSwap ecosystem, is on sale for $0.01831 per token, and a 40% bonus promo is ongoing. 

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Canadian firm proposes Solana ETFs amid favorable reception of spot Ethereum ETFs

Canadian firm, 3iQ, is poised to launch North America’s first Solana ETFs. The investment fund managers announced via X (formerly Twitter) on June 20th that it had filed a proposal in Canada to offer Solana ETFs, tagged The Solana Fund (QSOL). If approved, the Solana Fund will be the first ETF on the Solana chain in North America. 

The news comes riding the coattails of the already established Spot ETFs for Bitcoin and the heightened interest generated by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) approval of Spot Ethereum ETFs last month.

The shared post contained minor details about the Solana ETFs Funds’ utility. For instance, 3iQ wrote that the fund would stake SOL to earn rewards and that the fund would be offered on the Toronto Stock Exchange. 

While The Solana Fund will be the first Solana ETF in North America, Bloomberg analyst Jaymes Seyffart revealed that Solana ETFs had existed elsewhere. In a Twitter post, he shared a list of providers that offered Solana exchange-traded products (ETPs). The list consisted of notable providers and revealed that over $1 billion is being traded in Solana ETPs outside North America.

Jaymes Seyffart also praised Canada for its open-mindedness in adopting innovations. He commented on how the U.S. had always fallen behind Canada in implementing tokenized ETFs, citing that Canada had Spot Bitcoin and Spot Ethereum ETFs before the U.S. did.


As 3iQ prepares to take the North American crypto and tokenized assets market by storm with the first Solana ETFs, ETFSwap (ETFS) continues to satisfy users as the best platform to trade and invest in Spot Ethereum ETFs. Investing in ETFS now will position investors and traders to earn rich profits, potentially up to 100x. 

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