SPYCE.5 releases AppChains on top of the Shimmer Network

SPYCE.5 announced that it has released AppChain on its Web3 platform on top of the Shimmer Network. AppChains are independent blockchains that aim to optimize scalability, performance, and privacy to build dApps on the blockchain. Shimmer Network has been chosen to launch AppChains because it has been optimized for hybrid chains that support cross-chain interoperability.

An ongoing promotion by SPYCE.5 enables developers to launch their AppChain on the testnet without any cost. The offer is for a limited time, following which it will attract a cost of €2,500.

Testnet AppChains are private smart contract environments that SPYCE.5 manages and shares validators on the Shimmer Testnet.

Developers must have an account with SPYCE.5 to get started with Testnet AppChain. Interested developers can get started by accessing the official website and creating an account with SPYCE.5. Then, navigate to the AppChain section and click Launch AppChain to create a new testnet AppChain. Once done with the process, implement the corresponding endpoint for the native application, following which smart contracts and dApps will be up and running.

After the results are successful, developers can move on with the fully customizable AppChain on the Shimmer Network.

What makes AppChains an ideal contestant for developers is their hybrid nature. They do run on Layer 2 but remain connected to the L1 blockchain. With the Shimmer Network being suited for cross-chain interoperability, independent blockchains can securely run on L2 and stay connected with L1.

SPYCE.5 believes that the industry is soon moving in the direction of becoming multi-chain. Hence, there is a dire need to start filling the gap before it expands to the extent players find it hard to bridge.

The current development comes almost a week after SPYCE.5 announced powering a new EU-compliant KYC hybrid chain via innovative hybrid blockchain integration. It has now joined the likes of the IOTA Foundation, IDnow, and walt.id. The idea is to enhance the compliance of CASPs – Crypto Asset Service Providers – and self-hosted wallets with the AML of the EU along with the TFR – Transfer of funds regulation.

Holger Köther, the Managing Director of SPYCE.5, said that they were thrilled to be a part of the consortium, adding that it was important to contribute to a transparent solution that promotes more trust in crypto transactions.

Another development for SPYCE.5 was in December. Crucial nonetheless, the moment marked a new era of blockchain development when SPYCE.5 integrated the Build.5 API.

Circling back to SPYCE.5 and AppChains on the Shimmer Network, SPYCE.5 is optimistic that it would set a better path for AppChains and developers alike. They can experiment with smart contracts and dApps in a private smart contract chain environment.

Moving forward, how the development works out for SPYCE remains to be seen.5, AppChains, and dApps.

Roxanne Williams

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