Squid x Axelar: Zyberswap gets smooth cross-chain swaps

Squid’s widget integration has brought lightning-fast and secure cross-chain swaps on Zyberswap. With just a single click, swapping can be done seamlessly between any digital token on supported chains like Arbitrum and more. 

Zyberswap users can get easy access to cross-chain swaps by navigating to the Swap page of the Zyberswap platform. They can select their choice of digital assets to swap them on different chains run by both Axelar and Squid. 

Axelar allows safe interchain communication, where dApp users can communicate on different chains, assets, and applications with a single click. Developers can interact with simple APIs on the permissionless network, routing messages and ensuring network security through the proof of stake consensus.

Zyberswap is a popular decentralized exchange with an AMM (automated market maker) on Arbitrum. Unlike its competitors, the exchange allows crypto asset swapping at the minimum costs. Yield Farming and Staking rewards are some of the most profitable features in the Arbitrum ecosystem. In addition to this, Zyberswap plans to allow users to participate in decision-making. 

This partnership is considered a crucial step for interoperability, bringing infinite possibilities for a well-interconnected digital ecosystem for the users. 

Squid enables users to swap tokens between multiple blockchains and provides access to applications across chains with just one click. Squid users can build seamless experiences by tapping into deep liquidity and expanding to connect with others using crypto wallets, irrespective of the chains they are on. 

Squid’s widgets offer developers and users easy access to liquidity pools of popular tokens on the supported chains of Axelar, including both Cosmos and EVM chains. The widgets allow users to place trades easily with top-notch security, efficiency, and speed, thanks to the routing protocol of Squid and the secure, fast, and effective message-passing technology of Axelar. 

Using the Widget Studio on Squid, users can customize their widgets to suit their preferences. Squid and Axelar have made liquidity and cross-chain swaps highly accessible. By using decentralized exchanges (DEXes) and Zyberswap, these platforms are creating a user-friendly and seamless experience, simplifying the overall cross-chain liquidity. The main objective is to give control and power to the users so that they can easily access deep liquidity across multiple networks and chains with complete ease. 

Arbitrum users can now access a wider selection of digital assets via Zyberswap. This has provided direct connections to the supported blockchains. The integration between Squid and Axelar has substantially improved user experience to a new level without the need to browse and navigate on multiple platforms in search of specific tokens. 

Roxanne Williams

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