Stablecoin airdrops could become the latest trend for BNB-based start-ups

Octoblock’s trendsetting stablecoin airdrop approach could spill over to BNB-based projects and become the norm in future airdrops. Octoblock has stirred thoughts of startups by leveraging the stability of stablecoins as rewards to incentivize users.

Stablecoin airdrops

Octoblock is living up to its tag ‘’DeFi 2.0’’ through its new DeFi trends. Its strategies have aroused the latest trends, now being implemented by startups. OCTO’s stablecoin airdrops may have ignited the latest trend in the BNB Smart Chain ecosystem, which could spill to the broader crypto arena. Stablecoins maintain stability and eliminate the volatility of digital assets. As such, USDC airdrops can be a thought-out strategy by Octoblock to maintain value for its investors and foster engagement and mass adoption.


Borrowing a leaf from the trendsetting Octoblock, startups on the BNB Smart Chain are picking up the latest Octoblock trend. Octoblock is built within the Binance Smart Chain platform. BNB is a L1 smart contract network of blockchains providing low-cost, high-throughput transactions, and EVM-compatible cross-chain transfers. 

Octoblock (OCTO): The trendsetting platform

Octoblock charts the way for startups on BNB with its ground-breaking strategies that redefine the digital arena. It pursues profitability for maximum investor rewards and philanthropy. It achieves its mission through initiatives geared towards inclusivity and accessibility. Its flagship Crowd Funded Yield Farming (cFyF) approach excites mass adoption through DeFi product accessibility.

Octoblock’s ICO, currently at $0.037, has attracted inflows with offers of high returns and a 13% bonus. OCTO token holders participate in ICO staking and earn rewards as invested by the platform through the Nautilus Trove. The Trove is the profit-making arm of OCTO, which ensures liquidity and sustainable rewards by observing Beefy Finance. The investor-allocated rewards comprise 45%, which is apportioned commensurate with the OCTO token holdings percentage. The rest of the profits are reinvested, and 5% goes to charity.

Octoblock posts a high APY, currently at 185.5%, with current all-time rewards clocking at $1026.69. The platform airdrops USDC stablecoins every Monday to deserving wallet addresses at the snapshot timing.

The Octoblock ICO offers its holders a chance to win the coveted Tesla 2024 Model 3. Each token acquired gets one entry into the draw, which will progress until the ICO is completed but before the project launches. The draw accords every investor an equal chance, and as one acquires more tokens, the chances of being picked randomly increase.

Octoblock will later roll out a cross-chain Coral Cove DEX, which will facilitate user-friendly transfers and conversions of multiple cryptocurrencies.

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