Stader adds Chainlink CCIP & Price Feeds for cross-chain liquid staking

Stader recently announced that Chainlink CCIP will be integrated across its Arbitrum and Ethereum mainnets. The platform will leverage CCIP’s STT (Simplified Token Transfer) capabilities for ETHx cross-chain transfers.

This will enable a secure and seamless cross-chain experience for users. In addition to this, Stader is also adding the Chainlink Price Feeds on Ethereum for ETHx adoption across the DeFi market.

Back in February, Stader announced adding Chainlink CCIP for cross-chain transfers. The integration facilitated cross-chain ETGx transfers across Arbitrum, Ethereum, and Optimism. Now, the platform is using Chainlink’s product suite to promote ETHx adoption and staking across DeFi.

Chainlink has the best history of maintaining the Web3 industry’s highest standards of security and dependability, which is why CCIP was chosen as the interoperability solution. In addition, the Risk Management Network backs up CCIP.

To identify suspicious activity, the independent network constantly reviews and verifies cross-chain activities. After considering several options, Stader identified Chainlink CCIP as the best option due to its

Tested reliability and security – Chainlink’s decentralized oracle networks back CCIP’s interoperability and consensus. These networks have already secured tens of billions of dollars worth of smart contracts.

Safe Token Transfers – CCIP packs a plug-and-play solution comprising audited token pool contracts handling the sophistication of minting, burning, minting, and locking tokens throughout chains.

Programmable Token Transfers – CCIP messages are also programmable, letting arbitrary data transfers and ETHx transfers be done in one transaction.

Future-proof – Chainlink has designed CCIP to support upcoming updates, like new blockchain integration, the addition of new features, and the integration of defense-in-depth security approaches.

The co-founder of Stader Labs, Amitej Gajjala, has also expressed delight about the integration. The co-founder believes the development can work wonders for Stader Labs.

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