Stage 6 presale thrives as Pushd e-commerce courts Cosmos & BNB investors to overtake Amazon

In the ever-evolving cryptocurrency markets, investors are constantly seeking opportunities that will yield them exponential returns on their investments. Amid this search, Pushd enters the scene with a revolutionary e-commerce platform that makes buying and selling more cost-effective and easy for users. 

Meanwhile, the Pushd presale is currently in stage 6, and this stage is thriving as Pushd e-commerce courted both Cosmos and BNB investors to overtake Amazon. While Pushd stands as a rival to Amazon, many investors are considering the promising future of this emerging e-commerce platform and are, therefore, rushing to grab their slots in the presale.

Cosmos trend analysis

Because of Cosmos’ substantial development activity and the token’s remarkable growth potential, Cosmos is praised by some crypto enthusiasts as the finest cryptocurrency to purchase right now. For instance, the NEAR Protocol was added to the Cosmos Interchain, as stated by Cosmos on April 9. Furthermore, analysts note that the favorable perceptions of Cosmos throughout the broader community may allow the token to surpass the $15 mark. 

These analysts believe that this feat could happen before the end of December 2024. Meanwhile, in the third week of April, Cosmos traded at or near the $8 mark, implying that holders of Cosmos may profit by more than 87.5%. In contrast to this bullish Cosmos price forecast, Cosmos bears caution that sharp declines in the near term could result from the token’s inability to recover beyond the $10 threshold.

Analyzing BNB’s trend

As per AMBCrypto’s analysis, BNB’s Funding Rate became negative, suggesting that short positions dominated the derivative market. In this context, a short is a trader who is betting on a drop in price to profit. Longs pay shorts to maintain their positions if the outcome is positive. But because it was negative, it suggested something else for BNB. Despite their market domination, short sellers were getting paid for their BNB holdings.

The price movement of BNB caused this. The price of BNB has risen by 6.42% over the past seven days, surpassing the much-discussed $600 mark. Negative funding combined with rising prices usually suggests that short sellers are not getting paid. Given the price, this might be a positive position. If this holds over the coming days, BNB’s price might increase to $630.

Pushd stage 6 presale thrives

Pushd seeks to transform the e-commerce industry by tackling the usual challenges encountered by both sellers and buyers on conventional platforms such as eBay and Amazon. Moreover, sellers often have to undergo prolonged Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures and experience delays in receiving their funds for as long as 90 days post-sale. With Pushd, sellers can promptly access their funds right after a transaction, ensuring peace of mind and enhancing cash flow.

Users can swiftly purchase, sell, and auction items using cryptocurrency on Pushd without the hassle of extensive KYC verifications. Furthermore, transaction fees on the Pushd platform are notably reduced in contrast to conventional marketplaces, and both deposits and withdrawals are executed instantly, eradicating the need for extended waiting periods to access funds. Pushd is presently at Stage 6 of its presale, offering tokens at a price of $0.144 per token.

Find out more about the Pushd presale by visiting the website here.

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