StakeEase collaborates with KelpDAO to unlock one-click restaking

StakeEase has announced a partnership with KelpDAO. The objective is to better tap into the ever-growing landscape of re-staking. StakeEase and KelpDAO are bringing the power of simplification and democratization to enhance users’ experience, irrespective of where they have their funds.

Features of the partnership entail one-click staking into Klep, an extra layer of reward, and gas savings.

For starters, one-click staking into Kelp has the basic benefit of making it convenient for users to access the functionality and execute it faster. Making it better is the fact that StakeEase is soon going to launch StakeEase Mainnet V1. It will support eight chains, including, but not limited to, Avalanche, Polygon, and Ethereum. Ten more chains are on the list. These will be added to the mainnet maximum by the end of February this year, that is, 2024.

One-click staking will enable users to restake their ETH on Kelp and still have the maximum yield.

StakeEase’s Fusion mode can save up to 80% on gas when restaking Kelp. Also known as the batched mode, it essentially bundles transactions at regular intervals and then completes them to share the gas fees. According to the announcement, grouping 5 users together will reduce the gas fees by 60%. Grouping together 20 users will save 80% of the costs.

Batched ETH will first be staked into Stader and restaked into Kelp. Restakers will share the gas fees depending on the number of participants in a specific batch. Savings could fall in the range of 60%–80%.

An extra layer of reward will be rolled out in the form of SEP. It stands for StakeEase Points. The only condition is that users must stake in the ecosystem via EaseStake. These rewards are on top of every other incentive that Kelp rolls out at present or in the future, subject to changes in the conditions.

More features of the partnership between StakeEase and KelpDAO are frictionless access, more avenues, and mutual growth.

Mutual growth, as it sounds, stands for the growth of both platforms. They are planning to leverage increased visibility and reach within the staking ecosystem. More avenues mean more opportunities in staking waiting to be unlocked. Moreover, StakeEase brings with it a larger number of assets and chains for Kelp to explore.

Frictionless access is synonymous with convenience, or the seamless experience that users can expect in terms of rsETH with a click of a button.


This development in restaking follows the introduction of EigenLayer by StakeEase. The StakeEase testnet previously expanded the one-click provision for EigenLayer staking from multiple chains. This dates back to January 18, 2024, and depicts the commitment of StakeEase to venture into the field of restaking strongly.

Moving forward, the community waits to see how much gas costs are actually saved in practicality. StakeEase has laid down a range and highlighted that the savings will depend on how many participants are batched together.

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