Star Atlas forms a joint venture with MetaGravity

Star Atlas initiated a joint venture with MetaGravity, in order to break all the shackles and limitations associated with the gaming industry. With the help of the new-age technology that is with MetaGravity, Star Atlas intends to bring out the first game, which will accommodate a massive number of players, along with AI non-player characters (NPCs) and interrelated objects. This will become a reality in Unreal Engine 5. The concept has already gone through a litmus test with 5,000 players successfully. Currently, the aim is to increase the figure to 30,000 players in one go. 

According to the Co-Founder of Star Atlas, Michael Wagner, their aim has always been to break away from the set standards associated with gaming and work on something which will be a landmark in the gaming space. He believes that this will now be a reality after associating with MetaGravity and being exposed to their advanced technology. 

Where the Founder and CEO of MetaGravity, Rashid Mansoor, is concerned, their association with Star Atlas will provide the opportunity for being able to build world-class and absolutely new-age games and keep the gaming audience enthralled and engaged. This is the reason they are working on creating games that will witness the accommodation of 50,000 and more players at a go through the incorporation of Unreal UE5. Mansoor shares the fact that the Metagravity platform has been created in the form of an endlessly upgradeable and new-age metaverse engine.  

Star Atlas, is a new-age gaming metaverse that comes with the amalgamation of real-world visuals, along with high-standard blockchain and decentralized financial technologies. MetaGravity, on the other hand, is involved in the creation of an upgradeable framework for the purpose of metaverse-level gaming, along with virtual world simulations.

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