Star Atlas introduces Destination Starbase

Star Atlas has made a major announcement that is sure to up the game of its community. Per the announcement, this is the beginning of a new phase to inch closer to Sage, along with a new kind of spaceship.

Categorized as mining spaceships, these carry a total of three benefits – Dual Function, Greater Mobility, and key to autonomy in space.

Dual Function here refers to a ship extracting resources or acting as a combat vessel. What it earns depends on the needs that are defined by a player. Earning could be for ATLAS or R4 resources. Greater mobility stands true to its name, signaling that ships can easily move between hotspots for the sole purpose of harvesting materials. Resource extraction is going to be crucial in SAGE, per the announcement.

They are teased to help achieve autonomy in space. Ships make fleets self-sufficient and lower the dependence on external supply chains.

Making things interesting is the promotional offer rolled out by Star Atlas. The venture has announced hosting a discount of 50% on the sale of mining ships. However, the number of sales is capped at 30% of the total supply. Meaning the remaining 70% of the mining ships are excluded from the offer and hence, go live at the full price. This is, obviously, applicable only if Star Atlas does not announce the following promotional bonus.

Star Atlas has simultaneously released an upgrade to individual ship configuration. Now any ship that is released will feature the V2 configs.

Armstrong Industries has worked on the new mining ships, dividing them into three models based on rarity and size. Here is how Tranches have been defined by Armstrong Industries:


Ship Quantity

Discount / Premium

Tranche 1

30% of the total supply

50% discount

Tranche 2

30% of the total supply

Original price applies

Tranche 3

40% of the total supply

10% premium

Discounts and premiums mentioned for Tranche 1 and 2 are with respect to the origination price. For instance, if the price is $100, then Tranche 1 goes up for $50 while Tranche 3 goes up for $110. The price for Tranche will remain $100.

All three categories will be released separately, with Tranche 1 marking its debut in the initial phase. A tentative timeline for the remaining ships is expected to be made public at the earliest.

New Armstrong Ships, The IMP – Industrial Mining Platform – is a new mining ship class being introduced by Star Atlas in the announcement. It sports three ships with different dual functions. They will be able to take part in missions or can be utilized to harvest resources. Their major roles are currently in Faction Fleet as participating ships and Faction Clams as resource generators.

Their names are Armstrong IMP, Legendary rarity; Armstrong IMP Tag, Rare rarity; and Armstrong IMP Tip, Uncommon rarity. Their origination price is 27,500 USDC, 2,430 USDC, and 860 USDC, respectively.

The next-generation metaverse in the gaming market, that is Star Atlas, is backed by Unreal Engine 5’s Nanite.

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