Star Atlas introduces Sage Labs for Solana & P2E gamers

Star Atlas, in an announcement, has introduced SAGE Labs to the community of gamers. It has emphasized that Solana and P2E gamers will largely benefit from the launch of the Web3 space economy simulation game. Simply put, SAGE Labs is a browser-based game that works in real-time and has an economy that closely resembles the real-life economy.

Players in the game are tasked with gathering, trading, crafting, and prospering in the digital world. All of it is backed by Solana, and hence, they have immense benefits in the ecosystem.

Lying around are Star Atas assets that can be found in SAGE Labs. They are owned by players, and they sole have the right to control those assets. SAGE Labs is not yet live; however, Star Atlas is planning to launch the game at the earliest on Solana Mainnet. The economy game will be decentralized in nature to perfectly align with the nature of projects that are residents on the network.

The launch, or rather the introduction, is accompanied by a $1.5 million Golden Ticket promotion. It has been divided into two parts: it begins with players amassing crafted assets and exchanging them for a limited list of ships by Star Atlas; it is followed by a weekly draw of $150,000 USDC. The second part will run for 8 weeks to roll out a total of $1.2 million in VWAP.

Gameplay highlights include exploration, extraction, and crafting.

Exploration refers to players venturing out on an adventure to see different sectors. There are 51 solar systems in the digital gameplay that players can explore and scan through their fleets. They are in starting and medium risk zone. Once scanned, they must retrieve SDUs, that is, Survey Data Units. This forms a component for the creation of Golden Tickets.

Extraction is pretty self-explanatory, with players tasked to gather resources by mining the fields around them. Only 9 resources are available in SAGE Labs, with mining consuming just food and ammo.

Crafting depends on the size of the crew that has been assigned to the project. This includes creating material, producing components, and assembling to make an item that is more complex & valuable.

Micheal Wagner from Star Atlas has stated that SAGE Labs propels the Web3 industry as a whole, adding that it further represents the upcoming generation of play-to-earn players. The Co-Founder of the project has called this a pivotal moment for their game economy, which is constantly booming. Michael, who is also the Chief Executive Officer of ATMTA Inc, has said that SAGE Labs is the dawn of the open economy wherein players can trade any item that they possess.

The introduction of SAGE Labs by Star Atlas has made Solana and P2E gamers excited. A definite launch date is yet to be announced, but the ecosystem is already rolling out its plans for participation.

Trevor Holman

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