Star Atlas Joins AcceleRaytor To Redefine Gaming Experience

Hailed as a revolutionary gaming product powered by blockchain technology, Star Atlas is all set for a celebratory launch on AcceleRaytor on September 1, a portal devoted to fuel the Solana ecosystem by providing liquidity access to associated firms. With the Star Atlas, players can enjoy an unmatched gaming experience infused with the excellence of blockchain, decentralization, real-time graphics, etc. 

Details about Star Atlas’ Token Pools

The diversified metaverse of Star Atlas runs on two potential tokens:

  1. Star Atlas (ATLAS) which is the primary token used in the gaming protocol
  2. Star Atlas DAO (POLIS),  the governance token of the gaming platform

The launch of the Star Atlas metaverse on AcceleRaytor will comprise of two pools dedicated to the two native tokens, ATLAS and POLIS, of the former project. The pools will remain open for 12 hours. The information about Cryptocurrency Events is mentioned here:

  • Pool opening Time- 12:00 UTC on September 1
  • Pool closing time- 00:00 UTC on September 2
  • Token volume for raise- 180,000,000 ATLAS and 1,800,000 POLIS. The share resembles 0.5% of token supply for each currency. 
  • Token price- 0.00138 USDC per token for ATLAS and 0.138 USDC per token for POLIS
  • Token raise- 248,400 for ATLAS and POLIS individually
  • Mode- Lottery system for allocation purposes. 
  • Determination of winning ticket- 69 USDC resembling 50,000 ATLAS or 69 USDC resembling 500 POLIS. The tickets will be allocated individually for the two pools.
  • Winning tickets volume- 3,600 for both ATLAS and POLIS tokens. 

There will be two deadlines for snapshot submission required for ticket allotment- a 7-day deadline and a 30-day deadline. 

7-Day Deadline

  • The deadline is 12:00 UTC on August 25.
  • A minimum of 100 RAY should be staked before the deadline period. USDC should be deposited of USDC  when the pool opens. 
  • For every 100 RAY staked, 1 ticket will be allotted with a maximum limit of 5. 

30-Day Deadline

  • The deadline period was 12:00 UTC on August 2.
  • The eligible participants will get extra tickets apart from those received for the 7-day deadline.
  • 50 RAY to be staked 30 days before the required deadline along with USDC deposits on the opening of the pool. 
  • For 50 RAY tokens staked, a person will fetch 1 ticket with a maximum of 5. One extra ticket shall be given for every 1,000 RAY staked. 

Deposit Details Once the pool opens, participants need to deposit 69 USDC individually for ATLAS and POLIS to make the tickets eligible for lottery allocation. The tickets not resembling a matching deposit will stand disqualified. Users need to deposit in multiples of 69 USDC for both token pools. When the pools, a lottery will decide the winners. The winner will get a 69 USDC allocation for either ATLAS or POLIS. Click here to know more about crypto lottery.

IDO Launch on Raydium

  • Time- 13:00 UTC on September 2.
  • As soon as Raydium launches ATLAS-USDC and POLIS-USDC pools, traders will enjoy live trading for the pairs on the Raydium portal. 
  • The participants with winning tickets will also be allowed to claim their coins during the launch period. 
  • Customers will be allowed to expand liquidity for the two pools and then earn income by staking LP tokens on the Fusion pools.

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