Star Atlas unveils “Starbase”: A new era of P2E gaming in space

  • The revolutionary blockchain-based web-browser strategy game is due for release on April 2.
  • Prepare for a journey to Galia that promises unprecedented adventure and strategic depth.
  • Invites the collaborative forging and sustaining of the faction’s intergalactic infrastructure.

Star Atlas, the renowned metaverse that provides its users with a mix of gaming and blockchain experiences, has announced the new chapter in the Star Atlas SAGE Saga called Starbase. Players are looking forward to Starbase’s release on April 2nd, 2024. The game has a new addition to its gameplay mechanics and will now allow its users to earn loyalty points. This marks a significant step for P2E crypto games, as Starbased will be running on the Solana network, introducing players to a brand new Web3-based space economy within the Star Atlas metaverse.

This ground-breaking update to Star Atlas Golden Era (SAGE) is a web browser strategy game that runs on a blockchain and in a free-market ecosystem. Players can now work together to create and maintain the interstellar infrastructure for their faction, thanks to the update. 

While the group in Star Atlas struggles for political dominance, the game also offers cooperative goals and rewards. In addition, incentives like Epochs, a significant alteration in ATLAS emissions, Experience Points (XP) for the Council Rank, Loyalty Points (LP), and starbase maintenance and upgrading offer a solid game theory to keep players invested.

The main focus of the game is the Galia Expanse’s star-based expansion, which includes the construction and upkeep of multiple starbases dispersed throughout this region. With only basic recipes, these foundational stations need daily maintenance and upgrades to be functional. 

To upgrade the infrastructure of their faction, players must also establish a supply chain that spans the entire faction. Upgrading involves crafting materials for tier upgrades and securing crew members within the starbase for a predetermined time. 

As a Starbase develops, it needs more advanced equipment, labor from the crew, and more carefully manufactured materials to reach new levels. Upkeep involves providing the starbase with necessary maintenance supplies, such as food and toolkits. Reduced functionality, such as delayed starbase upgrades and disabled crafting, results from a lack of resources.

The game promises that no good deed goes unnoticed in Starbase, where factions of Star Atlas closely monitor their captain’s commitment to the advancement of their group. Good deeds will be rewarded with a new in-game incentive system, guaranteeing the continued existence and functionality of the galactic supply chain.

With this new chapter onboard, Starbase is poised to reimagine the Star Atlas economy completely and lay the groundwork for the eventual integration of combat features in expansions. This evolution promises to improve the Star Atlas world by giving its corporations and captains opportunities to expand the influence of their faction while making the most of the game.

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