“Where No Man Has Gone Before…” Star Trek Spaceship To Land The Digital Universe Of The Blockchain Soon!

Who does not knows about the mega-famous “Star Trek” Series! And we can only imagine the levels of excitement of the Star Trek lovers and fans when they will come to know that the super famous Star Trek is about to get manifested into the gameplay and will be land the blockchain soon!

Lucid Sight is a famous developer who is behind this exciting news. Sight is joining forces with CBS Interactive in order to bring Star Trek and the collectibles to the blockchain. A deal has been signed between Sight and CBS interactive for building up the Start Trek inspired game. The game- CSC is expected to land in the latter half of the year.

What about this game is?

The CSC game is an open universe based digital game. The participants of this game will get to order their spaceships for crypto-based activities such as mining, harvesting, and creating new unique items. All this will be done on the ETH blockchain. The game assets will be “provable, transferable, transparent and delegated” in nature, according to Lucid Sight.

The Star Trek inspired Spaceships:

In the announcement by Sight, it was revealed that there would be a limited time opportunity for the players of CSC to purchase Star Trek inspired spaceships. This will include special collectibles such as the U.S.S. Enterprise.

The Co-founder’s view:

The CTO and co-founder of Lucid Sight- Fazri Zubair, said that the mega-famous TV show and the movie franchise has always inspired him since he was a child. The show encouraged him to “pursue a career in technology,” he added. He is very enthusiastic about the chance of bringing the ‘Star Trek’ “into a new frontier with the first blockchain U.S.S. Enterprise,” he further noted.

The multi-purpose game-based digital assets:

There is a special arrangement for safeguarding the spaceships in CSC. They will be secured as tokens. They will also be allotted unique numbers based on the time and date of when each one of them was created. All this information will be saved on the ETH blockchain.

ERC 721 standard is used in this game. When the gamer plays with the collectible items on the game platform, they will be able to build further unique, non- fungible tokens. Not only this, these tokens can be further used for the trading purposes in the CSC game, as well as in other marketplaces too that includes market places such as Open Sea.

Why is Lucid Sight focusing on the blockchain?

Since the past four years, Lucid Sight has been an app and game development studio. The company has a versatile portfolio in VR and AR titles that includes famous works such as “Justice League.” In an interview, when the team was asked about their reason behind focusing on the blockchain, this is what the team said-

Crypto has always been a point of interest for our CEO Randy & CTO Fazri, and as we saw the Ethereum platform develop in 2015 / 2016, we felt it was the right medium for the company to focus its efforts on. Late 2016 / early 2017 we began blockchain development focusing on gaming and collectibles. What’s exciting about this space is that it represents a completely new frontier-not just in games, but ultimately in the way we fundamentally live. Now those who regularly spend countless hours playing games can have both ownership of the items they buy or create and also become participants in the real-world economy of these games via cryptocurrency.

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