Starbucks closing its NFT customer loyalty program Odyssey

Starbucks, which is a prime coffee chain, will close down its NFT-oriented customer loyalty scheme named Odyssey by the end of March. This will give way to something more promising. However, the NFT customers will be provided the option of continuing to earn Stamps via Odyssey, which will be shifted to the NFT platform, Nifty Gateway, for purchasing and selling. 

This is in line with non-crypto businesses shutting NFT schemes that were being offered before. GameStop closed its NFT space in January for certification issues. X, too, stopped backing up NFT-profiled photos, while Meta did the same with its NFT scheme in 2023.

The Odyssey scheme was created on the Polygon blockchain. It allows users to earn NFTs or Journey Stamps by participating in various games and activities. These stamps offer special advantages; users can also buy limited edition NFTs.

According to Starbucks, the Odyssey space will be transformed into a Nifty NFT space wherein it will be possible for users to purchase, sell, and shift their Odyssey stamps. They are seemingly very enthusiastic about their future plans.

The ex-Starbucks Chief Digital Officer, Adam Brotman, initiated the entire activity via his business, Forum 3. Brotman and his co-founder, Andy Sachs, have shifted their involvement from Web3 to generative AI. “Where AI meets Digital Transformation” is their present tagline.

The Program Head and Co-Author of Everything, Steve Kaczynski, divulged to TechCrunch that the Odyssey scheme had more than 58,000 participants, out of which there was a section that managed to reach the highest level by buying NFTs from secondary markets.

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