Stardust adds Avalanche for powerful scaling solutions

Stardust, which is actually an uninterrupted solution for developers, has added Avalanche C-Chain compatibility. By doing this, swarms of game developers who already have ties to Stardust will find themselves in a position to attract a sizable portion of mainstream players using the entity’s custodial wallet. There will also be the option to incorporate NFTs in their respective projects. In addition, they will benefit from the customization and scalability of Avalanche’s Subnets. In addition, it should be highlighted that they will be exposed to significantly improved safety and security measures.

Along with the addition of Avalanche, Stardust does not shift its focus from its pursuit of the diversification of its toolset. The entire goal and intention behind this is to be able to provide boosts where game developers are concerned and who are utilizing NFTs. This aids in cost reduction and overcoming technical and speed-to-market challenges. Furthermore, Stardust, together with Avalanche, has been instrumental in building an accelerator program through which it will become much more convenient for Web2 game developers and also Web3 conventional studios to be able to incorporate NFTs into their games. This will be carried out with the proper utilization of the low-code solution that is on offer from Stardust.

According to the Head of Product at Stardust, Gordon Grove, in the past, for both the individual as well as the professional game developers, it has indeed been an extremely uphill task for the creation of just about anything because of the inconvenient situations that they would face. But as of the present moment, in his opinion, the scenario changes with Stardust now having a much-boosted blockchain network and being in a much better position to eradicate the obstacles preventing creation with NFTs. Where the Head of Gaming at Ava Labs, Ed Chang, is concerned, this coming together will actually prove immensely fruitful and beneficial for all of the connected game developers.

In the case of Stardust, it provides the quickest method for developers to successfully create on the blockchain, together with incorporating NFTs into their games, which happens at scale and with the help of just a few lines of code. It also happens to be a SaaS platform for new-age Web3 games.  Stardust is known for incorporating various blockchains and for providing a significant boost for developers through their high-quality APIs and player management solutions. 

As for Avalanche, it happens to be the very fastest and most reliable smart contract platform anywhere on the globe. Its extraordinary consensus protocol, together with the novel subnets, provide Web3 developers the opportunity to make the launch of highly scalable solutions as simple as possible. It enables users to position themselves on the EVM and utilize their custom VM.

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