StarkWare’s Cairo upgrades to rust-inspired Cairo 1.0

StarkWare, a scaling solution provider, tweets about the new launch of their first public version of Cairo 1.0. However, Cairo was first brought into public in 2020, which efficiently wrote STARK-provable programs. However, the new version Cairo 1.0 is a Rust-inspired language, which would help developers write the codes seamlessly, efficiently, and safely.

Cairo is popular among the developers to build Layer-2 applications, which have managed above $790B of trades with the processing of around 300 M transactions. It has also minted 90 million NFTs. Cairo ranks 4th in the blockchain ecosystem as a widely used programming language. With this new launch, StarkWare aims to make this language more approachable and convenient. StarkWare is still working on its project and will soon come up with exciting new features to strengthen safety and convenience. It is still working to advance safety and convenience, which will be made public in the near future.  

The key upgrade in Cairo 1.0 is syntax, inspired by Rust to build a developer-friendly language. The new version is much easier to read, write, and express, and it also enables writing safer code. One recent launch of Cairo 1.0 is Sierra which acts as an intermediate representation to ensure each Cairo must be genuine. It is perfectly suited to use in a network such as StarkNet, as it does not require permission. 

Although some of the features are still missing, developers can still write, compile and experiment with Cairo 1.0 to get familiar with the new features and syntax. StarkNet targets scalable Ethereum with the help of the mathematical integrity of STARKs, and it will also provide access to the exponential scale to developers. With this new version, there are chances of joining more developers at StarkNet, and together will make Ethereum scalable.  

Trevor Holman

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