Starlay Finance Finds a Partner in the DIA Platform

The new commercial and operational partnership will see DIA be in charge of powering the Starlay protocols by crowd-sourced data feeds that are being operationalized on the Astar network. The lending protocols whose primary components are lending protocols will play a flagship role in consolidating the infrastructure. 

Starlay is a lending protocol that is non-custodial in nature. Stable passive income can be achieved through interest and liquidity. Leverage can be achieved by borrowers without the need to sell them out. The objective of Starlay network is to assume a flagship position in the multi-chain era by entering into a synergistic partnership with Cosmos and Ethereum. It is predicted that the partnership between the DIA ecosystem and Starlay finance will be used to lay the stepping stones for a marketplace that can function as a transactional point for all kinds of chains and tokens.

Starlay functions based on three modules: the Position / Borrowing, $LAY Staking, and Development of flash loans. These assets need to be developed in a clear-cut way so as to enable smooth operational scenarios. The price-free oracles supplied by DIA are characterized by accuracy, reliability, and transparency. The points of intersection between those two companies will be reflected across the digital assets of USDT, WBTC, ASTR, and USDC, among others. 

A crowdfunding approach enables DIA to offer top quality, and robust data feeds for Starlay network- thus offering the oracle landscape with the unique technology of web3 data. 

Starlay’s marketing department will be working closely with DIA to lay a strong framework for ecosystem development. 

The central tenets of decentralized finance are the lending protocols. Starlay has been instrumental in creating a non-redundant set of features of lending which focus on the native assets of Starlay. It is the business responsibility of DIA to generate accurate data feeds based on operational protocols whose primary emphasis will be on transparency and resiliency. 

DIA is an entirely open-source, cross-chain-enabled oracle platform that supplies solutions end to end. The verified data feeds on the DIA platform serve as a transparent platform. The verified data feeds are transparently shared by the DIA platform through its validation of crowdsourcing mechanisms in the sectors of asset prices and meta-verse data. Multiple chain data sources are simultaneously sourced by DIA data at a trade level, thus ensuring that all developers can access the network through the layer one and layer two networks.

Roxanne Williams

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