Start Binging on Drunk Robots $METAL with Its IDO on April 7

The development team of Drunk Robots has been working hard at bringing optimistic Play-to-Earn crypto games, and recently they made the greatest announcement – the launch of the Drunk Robots Initial Dex Offering (IDO) on the 7th of April 2022 on TrustPad, GameFi, and Liquidifty

Drunk Robots

Drunk Robots is an RPG  Play-to-Earn game created on BSC that is colorful, action-packed, and debaucherous. Los Machines, a metropolitan-infested futuristic robot, is the setting of the game. The main aim of the robots is to accumulate metal, drink beer in large quantities and fight against all that moves. Enhanced weaponry, equipment customization, expeditions for collecting additional $METAL, and PVP fights are available to the players with any of the 10101 Drunk Robots NFT. The gaming modes on Drunk Robots offer players several free-to-play mini-games and activities.

All those who like to have the taste of Drunk Robots note that some of these gaming modes are currently available for players. Check out the exciting free-to-play and intoxicating top-down Drunk Robots shooter mini-game at –

What can players do with Drunk Robots $METAL?

Players can naturally get valuable goodies such as upgrades and weapons for their warriors as they enjoy several ways of playing Drunk Robots. The prizes are available in NFT that can be easily purchased and sold in $METAL coins on the marketplace of Drunk Robots. Apart from trading in-game items, $METAL allows players to upgrade their equipment and robot warriors as well as take active participation in races, PVP fights, and many more. Players can soon join significant sponsors such as merit circle, animoca brands,, 1inch, and, for making investments in this project.

Join Drunk Robots IDO

Liquidifty, TrustPad, and GameFi will launch Drunk Robots IDO on 7th April 2022. Participation criteria and allocation mechanisms will be different, but the price of the $METAL token and vesting requirement will remain the same. It will be up to the players to select the platforms they wish to use. Here are a few specifics concerning each platform –

Collectors of NFT will get access to several tools offered by Liquidifty. Users will be allowed to use cross-chain NFT oracle, avail loans keeping NFT as collateral, gain with swap tokens, NFT vaults on the simple multi-chain marketplace, and enjoy multi-ownership. There is no requirement for KYC.

The minimum Investment amount for FCFS is $600, and the minimum investment amount for a guaranteed allocation is $2000. Allocated METAL’s total count is 5,000,000.

Another one-stop-shop platform is the GameFi, for the best gaming finance and services for gamers, traders, investors, and game producers. It is an innovative Blockchain gaming project developed on Polygon and Binance Smart Chain networks that host many top-rated gaming titles and are put forward in the gaming community. At the same time, GameFi is one of the first marketplaces to offer in-game NFTs and products that can be easily traded among the games. However, there is a KYC requirement here.

The minimum investment amount for the lottery is $889, and the minimum investment amount for a guaranteed allocation is $133,350. Allocated METAL’s total count is 20 000,000.

A multi-chain decentralized fundraising platform, TrustPad enables projects to increase capital, promising utmost safety to all early-stage traders and investors. Users can take the TrustPad tokens and receive priority access to optimistic projects. There is no KYC requirement at TrustPad. 

The minimum investment amount for the lottery is $1590, and the minimum investment amount for guaranteed allocation is $7950. Allocated METAL’s total count is 5,000,000.

Tokenomics & Vesting

Overall supply is 2,750,000,000 $METAL
Public round allocation is 30,000,000 $METAL
IDO & Listing price is $0.01
FDV on $METAL Listing is  $27.5M
TGE MarketCap w/ liquidity is 18,750,000 $METAL, $187,500
TGE MarketCap w/o liquidity is 5,000,000 $METAL, $50,000
The vesting schedule for a public round is 10% TGE, 15% per month

For more information, Check out Tokenomics of Drunk Robots in detail here:

Where can you buy $METAL after IDO?

On April 08, 2022, $METAL coins will be available for sale on and Pancakeswap exchanges.


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