Start of Singtel’s first metaverse event in Singapore

Singtel has formed an extremely lucrative partnership with SK Telecom (SKT). This entity happens to be the biggest telecom operator based in South Korea. Together they kick-started their very first splendidly organized metaverse event, the venue for which was the Singtel Comcentre in Singapore. This event was entirely for the benefit and participation of the customers of Singtel. They named it the Destination: ifland event, which was organized to showcase how Singtel’s 5G network is more proficient in supporting and creating a far-advanced metaverse exposure in terms of all connected consumers on the SKT’s ifland app. Incidentally, this was launched sometime in July 2021 in South Korea. 

The case of ifland, which happens to be a metaverse platform, provides users with the opportunity to create their digital avatars for the sake of chatting and taking an active part in an entire gamut of associated activities. This would include pursuits such as virtual concerts, fans meeting celebrities, and many others provided by SKT and its associates. Users will also find themselves in a situation where they can build their own rooms in which to interact with their friends.  

People present at the event happened to have been the winners of a contest that was on the Facebook and Instagram social media channels of Singtel, which was duly organized in the month of December 2022. The participants were seen to be creating avatars in their own likeness in ifland. Following this witnessed them entering the elite Singtel x ifland room. Here they had the opportunity of interacting with Alec Benjamin, who happens to be an American singer-cum-songwriter. The entire atmosphere was filled with thrilling moments. 

According to the Chief Executive Officer, Consumer Singapore, Singtel, Ms. Anna Yip, the direction in which the internet seems to be moving creates the requirement of an ultra-low latency network but possessing high-speed connectivity, along with higher bandwidth for allowing the building of a better metaverse experience. In her opinion, teaming up with SKT will open the doors to exhibiting the full functionalities of the Singtel 5G and its true potential. Consumers will also be engaged in new product launches, e-gaming, entertaining events, and much more. According to their plans, Destination: ifland happens to be the first in a series of planned events. People having Android and iOS handsets will be able to download the ifland app which is spread over 49 countries. 

Presently, both Singtel and SKT happen to be actively engaged in creating virtual depictions of famous places in Singapore and avatars related to the local culture. However, as per their future plans, the idea is to spread their metaverse experience to all of the countries in which Singtel is already in existence. 

The 5G technology, along with the metaverse, will probably be able to change industry verticals, such as in the manufacturing sector, wherein possibilities may open up for automated robots being utilized in the metaverse for experimenting with operations and other such activities.  

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