Start ROVE-ing and Create Your Own Space in the Metaverse!

With VR, the Metaverse, and decentralized platforms powered by crypto and the exploding popularity of NFT marketplaces, web3 isn’t just the future… it’s officially here. Decentralized and chock full of opportunity.

What better way to take advantage of this new virtual world than with a platform built from the ground up that gives you complete, unfettered, unencumbered control over your online space, free from the influence of major corporate players like Meta, Google, and Apple? 

Enter Rove. It’s your space to be and create whoever and whatever you want.

Origin Story

During last year’s lockdown period, the Rove team found Zoom or Google Meetings too tedious for daily team meetings. They lack the sense of presence and belonging when staring at black square boxes as people turn off their cameras most of the time. 

The team started to develop Rove as an internal meeting tool to gather everyone in a 3D space offering more fun and immersive way to meet and interact with each other. You see your teammates moving around in the room and get to tap on their shoulders. All members gather in front of the projector with documents shared on a big screen for team discussion.

Origin Story

Rove Empowers Everyone to Create Their 3D Website

It’s ok if you don’t code. Rove has been building 3D environments for every web presence, customizable to bring your best to virtual life. It is perfect for anyone who wants to lift their blog, shop, or portfolio off the page and into the Rove Metaverse. 

Rove can be as simple as daily communication & gathering. Besides work meetings, you can also invite your friends and family members to your 3D home on Rove to watch a movie or listen to music.

Rove Sees Tomorrow’s Web in 3D

The future of the web in 3D, these 3D websites are widely accessible via multiple devices: desktop, mobile, and VR headsets. 

From WordPress to 3D Home on Rove, it’s where people can find you in person. Maybe in your fancy apartment, all jazzed up with NFT swag. Maybe hang out in your beach hut with your favorite people and host a party. 

Rove is tomorrow’s Shopify. Rove helps you create immersive shopping experiences through customizable 3D environments and digital payment tools.

Rove is the Behance for the future. Artists and collectors are using Rove to create their 3D gallery for displaying their art NFTs. Holding a virtual gallery show on Rove with audiences attending from different places around the world sounds amazing as Rove offers a cool space to display art NFTs and crystal clear audio quality for awesome interactions with your visitors.

Rove Sees Tomorrow's Web in 3D

Rove is Reddit in the Metaverse. You can make a cool 3D space for your community – a space you can build together and hang out in. A web3 cafe for modern-day intellectuals and meme-artists to chatter, connect and share information.

Rove is for anyone with a vision. Rove is a user-owned and user-created Metaverse. Everything in Rove is permissionless by design. Anyone can create their website and operate it freely outside the jurisdiction of centralized institutions and corporations.

Assets in Rove are owned by Rovers, not Rove. Rovers hold their private keys and have sole control over what they create, represented by cryptographic non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Unstoppable smart contracts are used to program relationships between these assets.

Rove is LIVE now. Go to to create your 3D space, invite your friends and hang out in the Metaverse!

Check Out the Links Below for the Rove Metaverse!

Rove Metaverse home

AMA event at Rove Metaverse beach

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