STASIS improves euro-backed stablecoins with Stellar Blockchain

STASIS, which is a leading supplier of euro-supported stablecoins and responsible for EURS, has incorporated the Stellar Blockchain. By incorporating the Stellar Blockchain, STASIS will introduce the latest digital form of the second most popular currency to the Stellar network. This will help improve access to trustworthy and transparent euro-denominated stablecoins.

The Stellar network is a Blockchain that was specifically designed to facilitate efficient, inexpensive, and instantaneous transactions. The decentralized protocol of the entity enables effortless execution of international transactions between individuals, institutions, and payment mechanisms. However, volatility makes regular cryptocurrency transfers difficult, especially for daily use. This is resolved by STASIS EURO (EURS) joining Stellar.

With the release of EURS in 2023, STASIS established itself as a leading asset in the euro stablecoin segment. It caters to a wide range of users, including businesses, traders, merchants, and others. The organization is affiliated with numerous multinational corporations and has a clientele spanning 175 countries.

STASIS’ efforts towards the development of multi-chains paved the way for the incorporation of Stellar. This helps add to the user base for EURS and offers the Stellar ecosystem connectivity with one of the prime EURO stablecoins that can be utilized in the Stellar network’s real-time use cases.

Stablecoins, according to Denelle Dixon, CEO and Executive Director of the Stellar Development Foundation, are vital to the connection of international financial institutions. Their organization values EURS, among the most prominent stablecoins pegged to the Euro. The network-connected developers will access various options, accelerating innovation and improving connectivity with the global financial arena.

STASIS EURO is a licensed euro stablecoin and known to be one of the biggest available. It takes pride in having over 68 euros shifted on-chain throughout various prime Blockchains. All EURS assets have a support ratio of 1:1 with regard to liquid euro balances. The reserves lie with the Lithuanian Central Bank.

Companies and developers can utilize the international euro digital currency with the extra speed, cost-effectiveness, and dependability that come with the Stellar network. EURS can be shifted, spent, held, and traded internationally and non-stop.

STASIS, headquartered in Europe, develops customer-centric tools that empower institutional and retail clients with authority over public Blockchains and digital currencies for e-commerce, DeFi, payments, and settlements. The organization issues and maintains EURS, a licensed stablecoin in the euro denomination that is accessible in 175 countries. An internationally renowned auditing firm, BDO, has performed the audit.

The Stellar network, on the other hand, is a decentralized, upgradeable Blockchain designed for financial-related products and solutions. It provides a protocol maximized for payments to developers and maintains cost-effective fees and accelerated transactions, which increase with further traction. International institutions release assets and settle payments on the Stellar network.

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