State Street Global Advisors link up with Galaxy Asset Management

State Street Global Advisors forms an association with Galaxy Asset Management for providing investors new age online asset oriented exposure, other than just crypto and bitcoin. They will be introduced to fresh ways of making investments in online assets. They will have at their disposal the amount of $2.4 trillion in the way of an online asset ecosystem via manager-driven methods. 

According to the Chief Business Officer at State Street Global Advisors, Anna Paglia, the online asset space encompasses much more than simply crypto, comprehended by crypto-based businesses. They are also aware of its connection with the financial markets. With the help of Galaxy, they will be in the position of educating investors regarding the significance of online assets within a varied portfolio, assisting them in contributing towards the future of the online asset ecosystem. 

There has been a major increase in the attraction of online assets for retail and institutional investors following the release of spot bitcoin ETFs. At the same time, investors are keen to connect with the expanding asset segment via different investment avenues that go over and above spot bitcoin. This will pave the way for the further expansion of the online asset space. 

As per the Global Head of Asset Management at Galaxy, Steve Kurz, from the beginning, they have been involved in the management of the complete gamut related to online assets and crypto businesses. Through the association, they now intend to bring investors closer to online assets by developing fresh ETFs and providing them with experience.

State Street Global Advisors was responsible for releasing the initial registered ETF in the US. Since its inception, it has become one of the biggest international ETF suppliers, controlling more than $4.3 trillion in assets.


In the case of Galaxy Asset Management, it has been actively involved in providing a heightened way for connecting with the online assets space.

Harsh Chauhan

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