Stateless Money to Join Elrond as its New Partner for Mainnet Launch

Elrond Network, the highly scalable blockchain platform for modern-day internet economy, has announced its latest partner for the mainnet launch. Germany-based professional staking infrastructure service, Stateless Money would be joining forces with Elrond for the launch.

Elrond’s announcement stated how Stateless Money’s high-end infrastructure for multiple blockchain projects and its recognition as skilled operators among large user communities has instrumented this partnership. With Stateless Money as its latest launch partner, Elrond has added another high-performance layer to the Elrond Foundational nodes, which would help them achieve the launch of the mainnet in prime conditions.

The Mainnet

The upcoming mainnet for Elrond’s blockchain platform is a fully-developed blockchain protocol. When it gets deployed, cryptocurrency transactions will be securely broadcasted, recorded, and verified on blockchain technologies. With the mainnet launch partnership, the blockchain platform can expose its own Proof of Stake (PoS) economy to Stateless Money’s existing German customer base. It creates long-term supporters for Elrond.

Elrond’s CIO, Lucian Mincu, looks forward to this partnership as he is excited to gain the technical expertise of its new partners. Stateless Money comes with their vast experience in arranging large mainnet deployments in complex blockchain architectures. Mincu particularly believes their new launch partner would add more significance to their DevOps processes.

For global digital money users, partnerships like these can improve their crypto trading through apps such as Bitcoin Trader.

Stateless Money’s Elrond Move

Stateless Money is very active in the market for providing PoS infrastructure services. Its participation in several projects reflects its capabilities in enterprise-like operational and procedural applications. These efforts were able to support the availability and performance of decentralized blockchain infrastructure.

Ben Weiss, the co-founder of Stateless Money, explained their focus on Elrond as an opportunity to support the first truly-scalable mainnet in a proven crypto environment. He assures that this partnership would help Stateless Money showcase their forte in improving Elrond’s ecosystem.

About Elrond

It is a fast, secure, and fully-scalable blockchain architecture designed for enterprise use cases, distributed apps, and the crypto economy. It brings thousand-fold improvements in the cumulative throughput and the execution speed of cryptocurrency transactions.

About Stateless Money

It is a staking infrastructure services provider from Germany, known for blending decentralized architectures with enterprise-grade systems orchestration. Stateless Money delivers high-quality customer service by procuring to stake their digital assets at the highest confidence levels.

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