StatX develops unique Mobile Messaging App for Crypto and Blockchain Community

There are a wide number of messaging apps available for desktop and mobile users. Day by day more and more companies are launching new apps with unique features to stay ahead of the competition. WhatsApp has remained popular for a long time. But platforms such as Telegram and Slack have also gained a lot of popularity in the recent few years due to the Crypto/Blockchain community.

Providing high-quality data in a user-friendly format along with increasing the community engagement are the most important factors for blockchain companies who want to increase their brand awareness and grow their business. Sadly, online groups are troubled by trolls, scams, and bots, due to which community engagement in the group is reduced and the main user resource is being compromised.

By considering all the above points, California-based blockchain startup StatX is expecting to transform the world of messaging apps by taking a more information-centric approach.

What is StatX?

StatX is mainly a business information messaging and collaboration app which is specially built for crypto and blockchain companies, also to be helpful for businesses, generally.

StatX developers are certain that other messaging apps like Telegram and Slack are ‘Conversation-Centric’ instead of ‘Information-Centric’. Hence, the developer’s main goal is to build an integrated, adaptable and powerful platform. The app has tested to be absolutely suitable for all the ICO and crypto fund investor relations, and it can also be used like a mobile information platform for crypto exchanges and ICO listing websites. StatX is based in California and it was founded by Prasad Raje (CEO) and Pablo Bellver (CTO).

A Great Dashboard

StatX offers a simple and effective dashboard which provides the company’s financial status information such as market cap, token distribution, social reach, and product roadmap milestones. Developers also expect to answer all the bulk questions and information needs with the help of an amazing dashboard. Moreover, the app will provide higher quality chat as compared to a conversation-based app.

One of the most important benefits of StatX is that it will not provide an open API which can be used by bots to penetrate the chat room with spam and scams.

Several popular altcoins like Decred and ZCoin has expressed their opinion to support the StatX messaging app.

Prasad Raje, the Co-Founder, and CEO of StatX said that,

“Our secret sauce is the unique way StatX combines information and conversation to drive a higher quality and higher value user experience. It’s gratifying to see that our approach has been validated in the marketplace by a growing number of crypto industry innovators such as Boosto, Decred, Foleum, MediBloc, ZCoin and many others.”

An idea presented by Community Builder

Noah Pierau, the Community Builder at Decreed expressed his viewpoint like this,

“While there are many pure chat applications, StatX has the unique ability to combine technical indicators such as exchange rate and PoS info conveniently with chat functionality, all in one beautiful mobile app. StatX improves the signal to noise ratio in the blockchain community.”

The messaging platform is not only meant for crypto communities, but its use cases are useful for crypto fund managers and also blockchain creators which can take benefits of the services offered by the app.

In order to get detailed information about StatX, visit its website. Interested smartphone users can also check StatX App for iOS and Android.

We hope that StatX develops a messaging platform which is used for different businesses around the world.



Bhumika Desai

Bhumika is a blockchain developer with experience in writing. She is enthusiastic and has a keen interest in developing her knowledge in blockchain and cryptocurrency. She follows blockchain market trends and is fascinated by its dominance in the financial world. She does regular technical analysis of the market and reports on blockchain and cryptocurrency on our CryptoNewsZ.

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