stc Bahrain and Avalanche unite to advance Web3 in MENA region

stc Bahrain enters into an exclusive agreement with Ava Labs to facilitate the implementation of an Avalanche Subnet, which is a component of the company’s Web3 launchpad initiative. stc Bahrain is dedicated to expediting the adoption and progression of blockchain technology across the Middle Eastern region.

This collaboration was unveiled at the Token 2049 event in Dubai. Avalanche has been chosen as the Qala’a Path Partner and Industry Ambassador as part of stc Bahrain’s Web3 Launchpad Program. The Qala’a Path has been titled after the UNESCO-listed Bahrain Fort, a symbol of power and intercultural harmony. Establishing a base for Web3 in the area is the primary goal of the cooperation.

stc Bahrain is a subsidiary of the $13.9 billion stc Group, a telecommunications conglomerate. The organization is well-known for installing the largest subsea cable connecting Europe, Africa, and Asia. Additionally, it has constructed the inaugural integrated data center park, spanning an expansive 55,000 square meters. At this time, stc Bahrain is planning to employ Avalanche as a catalyst for the development of the Web3 infrastructure in the region. 

According to stc Bahrain, Avalanche’s strong Subnet architecture, which enables the development of bespoke solutions, high throughput, and near-instant transaction finality, sets it apart. The expansive effort relies on the subnet’s adaptability and performance to create a regional ecosystem with various decentralized applications (dApps) while keeping performance and security at a high standard.

As an Avalanche supporter, developer, and official representative, stc Bahrain will promote Web3’s adoption on Avalanche. This will entail fostering innovation and advancing community engagement via marketing initiatives, conferences, hackathons, and other undertakings.

Saad Odeh, the Chief Wholesale Officer at stc Bahrain, has conveyed his enthusiasm for commencing this collaboration with Avalanche. They will utilize their innovative technology to enhance our Web3 infrastructure. Furthermore, he asserts that the utilization of an Avalanche Subnet significantly demonstrates their dedication to accelerating digital transformation in the region.

According to John Nahas, the SVP of BD at AvaLabs, the partnership with stc Bahrain will provide an abundance of opportunities to expand Avalanche’s operations throughout the Middle East and North Africa. Furthermore, he acknowledges that Subnets possess the flexibility and performance required for STC Bahrain to develop a robust Web3 ecosystem and for the inhabitants of these areas to gain access to state-of-the-art blockchain applications. This launch aligns with the organization’s forthcoming strategic initiatives in the MENA region.

stc Bahrain is a telecommunications operator with enormous growth potential. Founded in 2010, the company has subsequently grown its position in Bahrain’s telecommunications industry.

Avalanche, in contrast, is a platform for smart contracts that can scale indefinitely and can typically complete transactions in under a second. Its consensus protocol, Subnet framework, and HyperSDK toolkit enable Web3 developers to provide customized blockchain services. 

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