stc Bahrain to Bring Validated Data as It Joins Chainlink Network

stc Bahrain is known to focus on next-generation technology. Its list of innovations is quite vast. One move that validates this statement is its recent announcement where stc Bahrain stated that it was now live with its own node on the Chainlink Network.

The node has gone live on the Ethereum mainnet. stc Bahrain plans to leverage its expertise in handling the vast telecommunication network in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. It further wishes to expand to other blockchain networks in the coming future.


Chainlink is known to provide smart contract-related services in the market. This service is characterized to be highly reliable while establishing a secured connection with an external API. Chainlink secures off-chain computations and billions of dollars across DeFi and other major industries, including gaming & insurance.

Since its inception, Chainlink has emerged as an industry standard for building and selling its oracle services. An equal focus has always been on making the services as accessible as possible.

stc Bahrain was founded in 2010. A subsidiary of stc Group, it has quickly earned a top spot in the telecommunication operator industry. stc Bahrain is now identified by various industry experts as the fastest-growing company. It is known to lay a lot of emphasis on innovation.

The next-generation technology takes the major share of investments by stc Bahrain. One such investment that recently played in favor of stc Bahrain was in its fintech arm that enabled stc Bahrain to disrupt the fintech industry of Bahrain. stc Bahrain has earned 30 awards – at the time of press – in the duration of only 11 years.

stc Bahrain Joins Chainlink Network

LINK is changing hands at $14.96 at the time of this writing. The value is steady for 24 hours at the rate of 10.66%. Future predictions for Chainlink estimate the trading value to touch the mark of $35 by the first half of the current year. Even though the estimate is too optimistic, there appears to be a possibility due to the launch of stc Bahrain’s own node on the Chainlink network.

stc Bahrain, a leader in the MENA region, announced that it had joined the network with its own node. It has taken the first step by enabling the support for Chainlink Price Feeds. The objective of stc Bahrain to support Chainlink Price Feeds is to further decentralize the delivery of data on-chain.

Through Chainline Price Feeds, stc Bahrain will ensure the delivery of accurate and reliable financial market data to DeFi applications.

Launching its own node on Chainlink Network is a step by stc Bahrain to remain at the forefront of technological innovation. Since stc Bahrain is already supporting the growth of the Web3 ecosystem by providing access to external resources, a node on Chainlink Network serves as a great addition to its portfolio of innovations.

stc Bahrain has drawn a roadmap for the future as well. It plans to go beyond Chain Price Feeds to support the real-world data sets.

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