Steem Price Analysis: STEEM Remains Afloat Without Any Major Ups Or Dips

  • STEEM coin to take giant strides to justify its relevance and existence
  • STEEM to explore more partnership opportunities for better future

STEEM has been rewarding users for content contributions, but this may not be a long term sustenance model the platform should focus on. It needs a good push from the market leaders to establish its presence strongly in the volatile market of cryptocurrencies and not having to justify its existence time and again. Since the beginning of 2019, there has been almost negligible noteworthy trend showcased by STEEM coin. The current market trend also has nothing major to say.

STEEM Price Statistics:

The price of the STEEM coin is recorded at $0.35 as on June 5, 2019, at 05:22:40 UTC. There has been a slight change in the price since yesterday when the coin was trading at $0.36, and a similar pattern was maintained throughout the last week as well, but the highest price had peaked to over $0.43.

STEEM Price Chart - 5 June

  • The STEEM price is traded at $0.35 & 0.00004625 BTC
  • The 24h volume has reached $1,536,016
  • The Market Cap is now recorded at $113,914,878
  • The Circulating Supply of the coin currently is 317,318,422 STEEM
  • The ROI has been recorded at -43.78%

There has been a downtrend of over 18% in the last 7 days when the lowest price was recorded at $0.34. Although STEEM coin has shown upward movement at a few places, but it has never been able to maintain a steady uptrend since the onset of 2019, and this raises concerns for the currency holders.

Steem Price Prediction:

Steem platform has to find the key to reinvent itself and engage more users. The Steem coin has immense potential and may reach $0.9 by the end of 2019.



Smaller chunks of investment in STEEM can be a good option to start and hold for long term benefits.

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