Stellar attends Meridian 2023 early to unlock human potential

Stellar has announced that it will participate in the 5th edition of the annual conference – Meridian. The conference will be held in Spain from September 26, 2023, to September 28, 2023, with Idris Elba expected to open the event.

The goal is to bring together a group of entrepreneurs, developers, and crypto enthusiasts for networking and other similar activities. The focus will simultaneously be on having a stage for participants to display their offerings to visitors.

Idris is a UN Goodwill Ambassador and an actor, whom some may remember from The Office series.

While he may not be enough to entertain nerds, they can be assured that the 3-day schedule is going to be packed with productive events lined up. Meridian 2023 will center around the theme Unlocking Human Potential. It will drive home the idea that the potential of highly skilled people may not be utilized if proper technology is not deployed. It largely covers blockchain technology to establish borderless opportunities.

The focus will be on granting access to the global financial system and helping humans unlock their potential. Simply put, ideas are borderless, and there is no point in restricting opportunities in a single region. Connectivity is important to facilitate the pitch; hence, blockchain technology is teased to play a very important role here. Most importantly, it will promote the idea that everyone is welcome on the chain, no matter their experience.

Real-world solutions are the most talked-about factors in the community. Meridian 2023 will celebrate the builders who have made this possible. They have also made it possible for users to access their products, tools, and services. Needless to say, they are empowering people to meet their potential in tangible ways.

Stellar, at the crypto event, will showcase how its blockchain technology can help people unlock their potential.

With 88 days remaining, interested participants can register on the official website by buying a ticket. It is spread across three categories: Very Early Bird, Early Bird, and General Admission.

Prices for Meridian 2023 are as follows:

  • Very Early Bird – $159 with offer valid till June 30, 2023
  • Early Bird – $199 with offer valid till July 31, 2023
  • General Admission – $299 with an offer beginning August 1, 2023

There is no difference in what each category of ticket offers. All of them cover full access to the event, networking, and the Gala Dinner and Welcome Cocktail. It is all about when one commits to their attendance at the event.

Alternatively, one can consider attending the International Conference on Blockchain from September 23–26, 2023, in Honolulu, the US. Other two blockchain events during the same time but in different regions are Proof of Summit in Prague and GamingTECH CEE in Budapest.

Tickets for Meridian 2023 can be bought with a card or USDC, based on one’s preference for payment method.

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