Stellar Lumens (XLM) Is Proving True To Its Words As Global Banks Are Using Its Technology as their “Bridge Currency”

The network of Stellar is a pragmatic blockchain project that is aimed to bridge the gap between the fiat and the digital currencies. It is aimed to revolutionize the banking and the financial sectors like Ripple, and the way it is developing itself is really proving its worth. Its blockchain is basically focused on integrating distributed ledger technology into prevailing financial infrastructure. It represents a way of future banking and is intended to stir up the international financial markets positively.

Current status of XLM

Present trading value: 0.101825 USD

Market cap: 1,945,146,333 USD

Market rank: 9

Circulating supply: 19,102,801,442 XLM

Price analysis of XLM

StellarThe above chart shows the following-

  • XLM is currently getting traded at 0.102024 USD/0.00001893 BTC (UTC time 07:37)
  • Its present market cap is worth of 1,948,945,345 USD
  • It has 24h volume worth of 207,838,815 USD

The same chart also makes it evident enough to understand that at the beginning of April 2019, the trading value of XLM was 0.109745 USD

So, within this one-month period, the value of XLM has been decreased by -7.35%

Future price predictions of XLM

During the last few weeks, Stellar has amazingly performed not only from the technical perspective but also from the extent of adoption rates and development of its own technology. It is of no doubt that XLM has a highly enthusiastic community and devoted and highly qualified developers. On March 2019, IBM announced that 6 global banks have already partnered with them for adopting IBM World Wire technology on their respective setups. The interesting fact here is that IBM-World-Wire is a payment network relying on Stellar public blockchain and developed by IBM. With this partnership, all the banks can instantly mobilize funds and can also explore various other financial services in the stellar network. Another great advantage that all these 6 banks are going to have is that it can have Stellar Lumens as their bridge cryptocurrency for facilitating the exchange of tokens.

All these efficacies of XLM really indicate a bright future of the same, and as per XLM Price Prediction, we also believe that it can reach around $0.60 by the end of 2019 and it can be considered as a good option for long term investment.


XLM is not only increasing its partnerships, but it is also amplifying its number of users to a very great extent and within a very short period. This can really benefit its future status. It is a good option for long-term investment as towards the end of 2019; crypto market conditions will also improve.

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