Stellar Price Analysis: Stellar seems to be voted as one of the best USD paired coins!, an official US-based Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Exchange, is running a voting survey on Twitter. Calvin Weight, CEO of Coinbook asked the followers to vote for the best new USD pair among different coins like XLM, STEEM, BCH, and XRP. XLM seems to win the race as most of the users are voting in favor of XLM USD pair

The popularity of Stellar is surely winning the attraction among other coins, and maybe that’s what the ranking is all about. But whether Stellar is appreciating the attention and rewarding the investors with profits or not, let’s analyze it with the current price statistics.

Price Analysis of Stellar on 8th June 2019:

Stellar Price Chart - 8 June

Stellar is currently traded at a price $0.1259 at 6:44 UTC time as on 8th June. The Return on Investment of Stellar is 4141% and is ranked at 10th position in the cryptomarket. The Market Cap of XLM is 2,439,965,388 USD with 24-hour volume running at 415,518,834 USD. The circulating supply of Stellar is 19,331,689,841 XLM against total supply being 105,042,499,082 XLM.

XLM Price Comparison:

Stellar Price Chart - 8 June

Under 5 days analysis, it is noticed that the highest and lowest was realized at $0.14 and $ 0.117 on 3rd June and 4th June respectively. The current trading price at the said UTC time has dropped by 10% from the highest and increased by 7% from the lowest which means that the two respective prices are giving enough resistance and support to the current trading price.

Stellar Price Chart - 8 June

With 3 months of data analysis, the lowest and highest were noticed at $0.088 and $0.1617 on 9th May and 16th May respectively. The value of Stellar is dropped by 22% from the highest and increased by 42% from the lowest. The trend seems to be moving in a stable direction, grabbing the attention of the investors to earn short term gains subject to current momentum.

XLM Price Predictions and Conclusion:

On the safer side as per Stellar Price Forecast, one can bid that it might reach up to $0.5 by the end of 2019, probably. Right now, the trend is showing the bullish movement, which means that traders might want to keep their investments of XLM intact for a long time to see some positive fluctuations in their investment portfolio.

Ruti Vora

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