Stellar Public Network Upgrades to Protocol 19 Successfully

The Stellar Public Network has been upgraded to Protocol 19 as of June 08, 2022, at 15:00 UTC. The upgrade introduces new transaction preconditions and a new type of signer. Several changes adopted during the upgrade will make building payment channels, key recovery solutions, and bridges to other blockchains easier.

Users could be facing some issues post the upgradation process. It is recommended to update Stellar Core, Stellar SDK, or Horizon, and it is important as their older versions are not supported by Protocol 19 due to a lack of compatibility.

Signing up on the status page to receive updates regarding scheduled upgrades and other network incidents is also recommended. Signing up to receive such information makes it worth knowing when the network could go low in advance.

Additionally, users have an option to join Stellar Developers Discord to receive general updates and interact with the vibrant community of developers. Validators played a key role in Protocol 19 upgrade. The ecosystem thrives when all the validations are on the same page, and they have the power to vote and agree to new protocol jurisdiction.

The same principle applies to reviewing the transaction sets in the ledger. There is no stern requirement for someone to become a validator. It is an open management process, allowing all the interested users to get on board with being a validator and participating in the governance process.

The stellar ecosystem is equally responsible for the system’s functioning before and after the upgrade. Every step taken by the developers takes into consideration the feedback that is shared by the ecosystem. Validators still have the upper hand, but no other element in the ecosystem is ever ignored.

The update was shared by Stellar through an article on its official website wherein it thanked everyone for their support, cooperation, and feedback throughout the process.

Stellar Public Network is backed by the Stellar Development Foundation, founded in 2014 as a non-profit organization to support the Stellar open-source network in its development and growth. The mission is to unlock the world’s economic potential by opening up the markets and injecting more fluidity into money on top of empowering people.

The Foundation is responsible for supporting Stellar’s technical aspects, maintaining its codebase, and looking after the community while acting as a speaking partner to institutions & regulators.

Stellar takes pride in being the leader in enabling people to participate in the upcoming digital financial ecosystem with no barriers. In other words, a person from any part of the world can transact with another person without having to think about the transaction cost or currency conversion.

The Foundation is building an ecosystem with many programs for entrepreneurs, a platform where tools & services are easily accessible, and an open-end backend infrastructure to store & move financials.

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