Step Hero Multiverse and Oxalus Enter Partnership

Non-Fungible Tokens, or NFTs, represent a certificate of ownership. It could relate to any type of content creation like, but not limited to, music, video clips, or cartoon characters. NFTs are known to hold a very special sentimental value for their original creator and the single owner.

Over time, NFTs have gained popularity, with millions of people trying to get their hands on at least one NFT from the NFT marketplace. One aspect that has always gone missing is its storage. Data of an NFT includes passwords and seed phrases. Losing a single piece of data can cause the loss of thousands of Dollars.


Oxalus enables users to track and store the details of their respective NFTs. An official product of Xantus, Oxalus, has been designed to make it easier for users to manage their digital holding.

It is backed with the upgraded features of a wallet. For instance, Oxalus supports various top-rated iGames, and its integration is not restricted to only a couple of iGames. In other words, no matter which game a player engages in, there is a strong chance that they will find Oxalus on the plate.

Step Hero Multiverse is simply the destination for all the gamers who actively participate in play-to-earn games. Step Hero Multiverse allows players to earn handsome rewards by gathering a series of blockchain-based games.

The vision of Step Hero Multiverse is to have millions of users benefiting from the platform while earning good rewards. Its mission is to offer sustainable earning opportunities while popularizing the application of blockchain technology.

Step Hero Multiverse x Oxalus

According to an update posted by Step Hero Multiverse through its blog post, the platform has successfully joined hands with Oxalus to make it easier for the players to manage and store their respective NFTs.

The collaboration of Step Hero Multiverse and Oxalus has opened the doors to the possibility of offering systematic tracking and storage facilities for NFT assets. This collaboration is a two-way street, with both the partners getting equal benefits in one way or another.

Considered a breakthrough in the GameFi segment, the collaboration brings to the table some good benefits.

Step Hero Multiverse will assist Oxalus in achieving its vision and mission, wherein it wishes to become a platform where more than a million users have registered. Also, Step Hero Multiverse has committed to helping Oxalus become the ultimate tracker solution in the market.

Oxalus is not far behind as it offers to solve the problem of NFT management for the users of Step Hero Multiverse. Oxalus will provide support in enhancing the management and generating more profits through NFTs for the users.

It is truly a new chapter in the GameFi industry as it creates more earning opportunities while inculcating the sense of securely storing and tracking an NFT.

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