Step Hero Partners With GameFi

Step Hero has entered into a strategic partnership with GameFi to broaden the customer base of HERO Collectibles and Step Hero Roleplay games. According to the partnership contract, Step Hero shall become the top game aggregator of GameFi. GameFi is a unique one-stop platform for gaming finance. The GameFi platform provides a gaming launchpad to blockchain investors, gamers, and traders. 

Step Hero shall launch the sale of Treasure Chests, which are nothing but surprise boxes of HERO Collectibles, at the multi-chain NFT-based  GameFi marketplace. Through this collaboration, Step Hero is looking forward to the launch of NFT-based farming at GameFi and incorporating the innovative features of GameFi like NFT Renting into Step Hero RPG. Moreover, as a result of the partnership, investors shall be able to make investments in Step Hero through the Yield Guild feature of GameFi. 

At present, Step Hero is looking forward to employing the community, platform, and the GameFi user base to attract more investors and potential players. The feature of NFT-based lending at GameFi will ensure the best experience for the users of Step Hero. Through this offer of HERO Collectibles and Step Hero RPG, investors and other potential users will gain access to the market share of GameFi through Step Hero. Step Hero is renowned among gamers as the fantasy-themed NFT game that operates on Polygon and the Binance Smart Chain. However, Step Hero is more than just a game. It is a comprehensive NFT-based ecosystem that comprises HERO collectibles, HERO tokens, a cross-chain compatible NFT-based marketplace, and a roleplaying game with fantasy-themed gameplay. 


The Step Hero games employ advanced NFT technology for the tokenization of the HERO collectibles. The HERO Collectibles are NFT-based representations of the game characters that can be traded in the marketplace. The marketplace of HERO NFT comes with a host of features that enable users to conduct trading in NFTs, engage in NFT auctions, mint NFTs, and earn NFT-based rewards by taking part in affiliation programs. The Step Hero ecosystem is uniquely designed to enable users to have fun and rake in rich profits simultaneously. Furthermore, Step Hero also encourages the mass adoption of NFT technology and Blockchain applications.

Trevor Holman

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