STEPN and Illuvium launch an exclusive sneaker raffle event

In a bid to remain relevant to its customers, STEPN, the well-known workout app that rewards people for remaining active, has joined forces with Illuvium, a virtual game world. Through this partnership, an inexperienced combination of active parts and gaming content will be presented in a revolutionary manner. 

In this partnership, which STEPN and Illuvium are organizing, Raffle Mint is a special event where winners are rewarded with fun co-branded STEPN x Illuvium sneakers. These footwear designs combine the famous characters of the Illuvials to attract not only the video game world but also health enthusiasts and fitness-competitive individuals.

This exclusive line has 199 recurrent sneaker designs and a particular collaborative sneaker with the Genesis Sneaker. As can be expected, this rare group of coins is a must-have for all sorts of collectors and enthusiasts. Not only are they virtual-wear shoes, but these shoes will also inspire those who include exercise in their daily regimens while simultaneously connecting with the characters from their favorite myth.

The Raffle Mint event is set to take place over the Solana blockchain, admired for its fast and uncompromising processing speed. It is slated to begin on May 2nd at noon UTC and end on May 6th at 11:59 AM UTC. To be in the raffle with the hope of winning limited edition sneakers, people can buy a ticket for 700 GMT. In pursuit of equal opportunities and to motivate more people to participate, STEPN announced that those not lucky enough to win would receive their full entry fee back – which you rarely see in online lotteries.

Nevertheless, the advantages of the raffle are not limited to just getting a prize. Those who sign up with their FSL ID can count on additional pleasant surprises, which will increase the engagement and excitement of the event. This feature is in addition to the above aim of engaging the community and creating a seamless integration of physical movement in the virtual gaming ecosystem.

The partnership between STEPN and Illuvium can be considered an emerging trend in the digital world and how we live and entertain ourselves. This partnership combines the excitement of gaming with the benefits of physical activity. This way, it not only promotes well-being but also has a positive influence on how gamers interact with the game, making it more exciting and dynamic.

As the day draws near, the STEPN and Illuvium community keep their fingers crossed with exciting ongoing events. In this matter-of-a-kind event, players get to introduce something new to the mobile app and game developers, allowing the audience to immerse themselves in the compelling realm of Illuvium and keep them engaged with their active lifestyle. No matter what you are involved in – exercise, gaming, or earning NFTs – the STEPN x Illuvium Sneakers Raffle Mint brings an outstanding chance to get active and join the creative world.

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