Stepn, Chiliz, and Watchvestor – Tokens predicted to Soar by 10x as 2023 advances

As 2023 unfolds, three tokens have captured the attention of market enthusiasts: Stepn (GMT), Chiliz (CHZ), and Watchvestor (WVTR). These tokens, each with their unique features, have garnered significant interest. Therefore, many market analysts predict they will soar up to 10x as the year progresses.


  • Stepn price prediction 
  • The first NFTs minted on the Chiliz Chain go live 
  • Watchvestor to introduce the first-ever luxury watch marketplace on the blockchain 

Stepn (GMT): Revolutionizing rewards through physical activity

Stepn (GMT) is a token that taps into the burgeoning trend of DeFi and the wellness industry. It’s a unique concept that intertwines cryptocurrency rewards with physical activity. Users can earn GMT tokens as they engage in various forms of exercise, such as walking, running, or cycling.

Currently, the Stepn price sits at $0.1676 with a market cap of $183M, up 2.02% in the past 24 hours. Additionally, all Stepn crypto technical indicators are showing strong buy signals. 

With the increasing emphasis on wellness and blockchain technology, Stepn has the potential to gain widespread adoption; hence, prominent analysts forecast a $0.24 price point for Stepn by the end of 2023. 

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Chiliz (CHZ): Bridging sports and cryptocurrency

Chiliz (CHZ) is a cryptocurrency that focuses on revolutionizing the sports and entertainment industry through blockchain technology. It operates on the Chiliz blockchain, which powers, a platform that allows sports fans to interact with their favorite teams through fan tokens.

In recent Chiliz news, the first NFTs minted on the new Chiliz Chain went live. As a matter of fact, these NFTs are made available through the One Shirt initiative, which Chiliz and Common Goal created. Consequently, interest in the Chiliz coin soared, and its value followed. 

One Chiliz token is currently worth $0.06416 with a market cap of $456M, rising 0.98% overnight. Furthermore, both its technical indicators and moving averages are showing buy signals. Thus, market analysts predict a surge to $0.097 for Chiliz by December 2023. 

Watchvestor (WVTR): With a dazzling presale launch 

While Stepn and Chiliz are worth watching, the Watchvestor (WVTR) presale launch has rocked the crypto sphere. As we all know, investing in promising projects during their early stages yields the most gains. Due to this reason, countless individuals have flooded the Watchvestor presale. 

This one-of-a-kind marketplace aims to democratize luxury watch ownership and investment by introducing fractional ownership. To clarify, Watchvestor will mint NFTs backed by real-world luxury watches stored in a vault. Afterward, it will fractionalize this NFT. Therefore, users can become fractional owners of a high-end timepiece on the blockchain for only $10.

Moreover, anyone who purchases 100% of the NFT can even redeem the actual watch in the vault. In addition, all certificates and watch history will be stored in the NFTs metadata – significantly increasing transparency. In sum, Watchvestor breaks down the barriers that have traditionally excluded a wider audience from entering this flourishing market.

The project’s utility token, WVTR, is currently worth only $0.03 as it is in Stage 1 of its presale. Those who hold this token receive staking rewards, various discounts, and more. Most importantly, thanks to its low market cap, experts are confident it can surge faster than Stepn and Chiliz. Hence, they foresee it rising to $0.35 when it gets launched on a DEX.

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