STEPN forms an exclusive tie-up with Adidas

STEPN, the most expanded lifestyle application, has linked up with Adidas to introduce co-branded digital sneakers to an audience of 5 million. The sneakers will be known as STEPN x Adidas Genesis Sneakers, and a limited edition NFT collection will initially be created along with Adidas. STEPN is more popularly known as a move-and-earn lifestyle application.

The generative NFT collection is positioned in Solana and comes with 1,000 exclusive products influenced by the company’s running features.

The STEPN x Adidas Genesis Sneakers collection will be released on April 17th on STEPN’s sister NFT marketplace, MOOAR.

The Genesis collection is the initial series of co-branded exercises between STEPN and Adidas via a year’s association, witnessing added NFT drops and tangible wearable products as a part of their plans. It also speaks of STEPN’s pledge to further the move to earn space into something that enhances living.

STEPN’s community-driven way has been the reason for its achievements so far. It takes credit for having 5 million listed users. An airdrop is slated in the upcoming days, wherein the STEPN community will receive tokens worth $30 million.

Of late, STEPN has been engaged in forging certain exclusive associations that have led to Fit Tech, along with tie-ups related to digital wearables with the likes of DJ and music producer, Steve Aoki and other famous personalities.

According to Shiti Manghani, CEO of STEPN, the association enables moving and earning in real time and virtual space. In his viewpoint, it will benefit both companies and open the doors for fulfilling their goals individually and collectively.

The STEPN x Adidas Genesis Sneakers collection will be sold through the MOOAR marketplace. The pricing will involve STEPN’s conventional GMT token at 10,000 GMT each. The collection will be disbursed through a two-stage raffle.

The initial stage will be kick-started on April 17th, for which 200 NFTs have been kept aside for loyal users. This involves the holders of ALTS by Adidas’ NFTs and deserving members of the extended FSL community, STEPN users, marketplace MOOAR and blockchain game gas hero.

The next stage will consist of a public raffle sale, wherein the balance of 790 NFTs will be accessible. Winners will be announced daily for obtaining their prizes on the MOOAR marketplace.

STEPN is known to be the top move and earn base, encouraging an active life for people. It was introduced by FSL in 2021 and presently takes credit for having 5 million users.

Adidas holds the highest position in the sports items space. Its head office is in Germany and boasts over 59,000 employees internationally. Its sales figure stood at 22.5 billion euros as of 2022.

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